Fear jealous People, they can Kill – Rev. GG advises

The Founder and General Overseer (GO) of Havilah City of Prayers International Ministry, Rev. Gershion Gbedemah (GG) has observed that jealous people are not only dangerous, but can also kill, since nothing appeases them, when they down their gown of jealousy.

According to him, anybody with the spirit of jealousy is like someone with HIV/AIDS, from whom people must flee. “They are unforgiving by nature and are not satisfied with anybody’s good apart from their alone”. Run away from them! They are dangerous! “He advised.

Rev. Gershion gave this advice during his sermon last Sunday, November 17, 2019 at the church’s premise at Juaboso. With the theme “Dealing with the spirit of jealousy”, Rev. Gershion stated that such people are not only unhappy about the success story of others, but also not satisfied with those they oppose, both physically and spiritually.

Such people, Rev. Gershion maintained do not see any good about anybody, except them alone, though whatever they might be jealous of, could never be their lot. He stated that such jealous people do not see why someone should get promoted ahead of them, even with a better qualification than theirs or how and why their victims should go ahead of them, when they were the first to appear at the work place or anywhere they find themselves.

Mingling, the sermon with fun, thereby attracting everybody’s attention and participation in the sermon making it a participatory sermon, Rev. Gershion noted that such jealous people are all over the place our homes, in marriages, at school, workplaces and think of it.

To buttress his position Rev. Gershion cited Proverbs 3:34-35; Genesis 4:3-8; Isaiah 18:8 and many more. He stated that but for jealousy, Joseph’s brothers would not have sold him. And it was this same jealous spirit that pushed King Herod to have had baby Jesus Christ killed, ending up in killing over 2000 innocent babies. While stating that it is only God who could save one from the hands of jealous people, who normally happen to be those closer to us, Rev. Gershion charged all to run to God for salvation in such trying moments at the hands, mercy and will of jealous people.

Reason For Jealousy

Expatiating further, Rev. Gershion indicated the people grew jealous of the fellows because they (jealousy people) people think and believe that their victims have what they should have had, but do not have, and fail to get, Moreso, when they deserve better than that beneficiary of God’s blessings and benedictions. Furthermore, jealousy people do not comprehend why their victims should get ahead of them in the same venture they are all undertaking.

“You only see your true friends only when you are in trouble! Watch out for true friends in such trying moments and flee the jealousy people”, “he said amidst laughter and applauses from the congregants, since almost everybody had fallen prey to jealousy people. This situation sent they church gay and Merry.

Source: S.O. Ankamah – Sefwi Juaboso, West North Region



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