Abraham Boafo meets Akufo-Addo over no Development in Oti Region 

According to him, Oti Region cannot boast of a single initiated and completed project under the current President. 


A Deputy Communication officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Oti Region, Abraham Boafo, has unleashed attacks on President Nana Akufo-Addo for the neglect of development projects in that Region.

According to him, Oti Region cannot boast of a single initiated and completed project under the current President.

For clarity sake, we provide below his full write-up:


Information reaching us in Oti region suggests the Kyebi Yadema will be visiting the region on Thursday 9th September, and one will ask what is it that the president is coming to do in the region?

There is no single project initiated and completed in any part of the region to come and commission, Akuffo Addo as by habit is allergic to infrastructural development, that’s why he failed to initiate and to also complete those initiated by the wisdom and handsome John Mahama in Oti region and beyond.

Nana Addo formed his substantive central government with zero representation from Oti region, simply because he has no friends and families here in Oti.

Nana Addo did not for the past four and half years as a president, initiate and complete a single project in Oti region, and I don’t know what he is coming to tell us the good people of Oti region on Thursday.

I dare Nana Addo to come and commission the following pledges made to us by himself and his pathological lying vice president Bawumia, if he is a man with balls:

1: The regional sports stadium which Bawumia promised all the sixteen regions in Ghana including Oti region.

2: The factories and dams promised us in all the eight districts in the region.

3: The regional hospital as promised us.

4: The regional house of chiefs office structure as promised us during campaigns last year.

5: The regional resource and business development center as promised.

6: The artistic regional coordinating council offices displayed on billboards during his campaign tour in the region.

7: The asphalted road at Kpassa as promised by the minister of roads Amoako Atta during the president’s campaign tour to Nkwanta north constituency last year.

  1. The regional waste recycling center promised to build at Dambai.

  2. The bridge to be constructed on the lake Oti to connect Dambai and krachi.

If president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo can not come to Oti region to at least commission one of the above mentioned pledges from his own mouth, then his coming to Oti region is a waste of everyone’s time and our taxes and he ought not to be given attention or whatsoever.

The Oti region which has been in existence for barely three years now lacks development like how a fowl lack urine, apart from the super fantastic, community day senior high schools, portable water and electricity in our villages, health centers and clinics, good roads and telecommunication networks and other infrastructure like nurses bungalows, and basic schools built by intelligent John Mahama in the region, Nana Addo added nothing to ensure the progress of the region, yet we keep paying taxes as citizens to him and his wife and his vice president wives to also pay themselves salaries and to rent expensive jets for good living in the air.

It is quite sad how Nana Addo has neglected us as a region, with no representation in his government nor developing the region for us and still got the gut to come to us, the people of Oti region are disappointed in you Mr.President, you are not different from the recently overthrown Alpha Conde of Guinea, you are equally selfish like him, you denied us appointment because the Npp failed to get a seat in the region,which of course won’t happen now and in future.

Come with your shame, we are waiting for you, make sure you don’t come and deceive us with more PR runts with your unthinkable agenda 111, we can’t tolerate that anymore as you did to us with the agenda 88, if you have nothing meaningful for the people of the region, just come and meet your Npp members and return.

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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