Focus on AFRICOM, not US Military base – Rawlings advises

President of the United States Africa Command Ghana (AFRICOM), Abednego Rawlings Orstin, has said that the United States of America is not interested in establishing a military base in the country and that it is the government that is pushing such an agenda.

He said AFRICOM is the best option for Ghana and not “a United States alone established military base in Ghana”.

In an interview with, Mr. Rawlings Orstin, emphasized that, AFRICOM which was initiated by former US president, George Walker Bush was meant to stabilize the continent and also fight terrorism, among others.

According to him, allowing the United States alone to establish a military base in Ghana is dangerous move. He urged the government to opt for AFRICOM military base which is 50% for United States and 50% for the entire African continent.

He said through AFRICOM, the United States will help Africa develop and protect its vast resources and that the move is similar to what Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah wanted to establish during the First Republic.

“It will be stupid for the United States of America to own her Military base in Ghana without the support of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF). The move was very bad for the United States itself. Who will gather intelligence for the United States of America without the support of the Ghana Armed Forces?” he asked rhetorically.

“Only fools will back the United States of America to put up a base here without Ghana Armed Forces playing a major role,” he stated.

Rawlings Orstin called on the Ministers of Interior and Defence to consider AFRICOM since it will ensure the safety of Ghanaians and Africans. He said AFRICOM is a multi-national force which will seek the interest of African nations first.

He wondered why the government of Ghana is in a hurry to go for a US alone to establish military base when there is a best and safer alternative – the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) which will support Ghana’s economy annually with an amount not less than $5, 000, 000, 000. 00.

He said the government must rescind its decision and welcome the establishment of AFRICOM, which will give Africa 50% control unlike a military base which Ghana will virtually have no control over.
He said America injected Billions of dollars into countries that hosted its military bases some decades ago and wondered why Ghana took only twenty million $20, 000, 000. 00 for the same facility.

Mr. Rawlings Orstin, therefore, called on the Ministers of Defence and Interior to resign for negotiating a bad and killer deal for Ghana.

He warned the ruling NPP government that it can never use its four- year mandate to commit the country to such a bad and killer agreement which affects future generations.

He called for a referendum if the government really wants to go ahead with the infamous United States alone military base agreement.

He said political power can never last forever so the activists of the ruling government must act wisely and not give the country a raw deal during negotiations.



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