Focus on Graphic Designers, Artists Too – CEO urges Govt. 

Focus on Graphic Designers, Artists too – CEO urges Govt. 

Gabriel Ayitey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  “No Weapon Printing Press” a Famous Printing press situated at Aseda House in-between the Juaboso District Assembly and ADB has urged Government  to focus on Graphic Designers and Artists too, since they also contribute immensely to the computer industry in the country.

He noted that the focus on Government has always been on celebrities and those in the music industry, relegating to the background Graphic Designers, Artists and those in the Computer Industry in General.

This situation, he pointed out had discouraged greatly Artists Graphic Designers and  thereby making their impact least felt in the country, even though they contribute a lot to society.

Mr. Ayitey made this observation in an exclusive interview with paper at Juaboso at Wednesday, October 2 2019.

He stated that there are a lot of students who have taken to the art industry, doing very well in their endeavor. However, since much focus is not accorded them, the little in the industry have their spirits dumped, while the many other who would love to take to the Drawing (Artists) business have been discouraged totally?

Mr. Ayitey was of the opinion that if much focus and attention was accorded them in the same way as it given celebrities and artist in music Industry those venturing into that enterprise will swell thereby making their impact much better felt in the society .

He contended that concentrating on only one aspect of artisans to the detriment of theirs was tantamount to putting all ones eggs into one basket. A situation which he stated did not urge well for the society, stressing that it takes all souls of people to make the world

Touching on the computer industry, Mr. Ayitey noted that in this computer age, the computer industry contributes much to the society thus making it a senequa non. As a result much attention to be accorded those in the computer industry to enable them play there parts better. Recognition is the Keyword” he stressed.

Speaking on the activities of his outfit, the CEO pointed out that establishment about 3 years ago, No Weapon Printing Press has been of immense assistance to the people and communities of Juaboso and its environs.

He indicated that their service cuts across the society with their beneficiaries involving  government intuitions, Such as the Police, Education Office, Schools the Court and Many more, for private individually, Mr, Ayitey maintained the least said about them the better.

Among their service, which the teaming customers who troop there to do business describe as quality include, Graphic Design, Typesetting, Digital Printing, photocopies, Comb Binding Lamination, T-Shirst Printing, Mugging Flyers,

As one customer bluntly put it “Doing Business with No Weapon is like banking with God. This is because, Speed, Accuracy and quality are their  hallmarks not leaving out Sound Human Relationship”

Interestingly No Weapon is where this paper has been filling its reports because of those qualities afore mentioned by the customer. In fact, they deserve and award from the District Assembly , it Government appears to far from them.

Source: S. O. Ankamah Juaboso

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