Former Ghana’s AIDS Ambassador Dzidzor Mensah now a Top TV Sex worker in Germany

All over the world people travel for greener pastures – to look for better living conditions for themselves and immediate families back home. But that clearly does not appear to be the case of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, a former HIV/AIDS Ambassador for Ghana who left her two daughters in the hands of her aging mother at Old Tafo Akyem and traveled to Europe.

Sad but true, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, is now a known Television sex worker in Hamburg-Germany, where she is seen carrying out her sex activities on live social networks with her asylum-seeking Turkish boyfriend (name withheld).

Ms Dzidzor Mensah has created a social media TV platform where she indulges in live sex and other sexually explicit activities at the detriment of finding a decent job that would cater for her three children who allegedly have no fathers.

Many Ghanaians home and abroad have been pondering over what appears to be a strange and pitiful metamorphoses of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah lately.

Ms Dzidzor Mensah came onto the limelight during the former NDC administration led by the late Prof. John Evan Atta Mils when she was made an HIV/AIDS ambassador and in her very first interview on television, she won the hearts of most listeners and viewers of the show.

She was presented as a church person, very innocent, full of piety and very humble. It was explained that she got infected with the HIV virus when a certain rich man also in church but who apparently had AIDS lured her and baited her with money and had sex with her.

Though she is a JSS graduate without a profession or trade, the NDC government through the National Aids Commission (NAC) gave her a lucrative employment. Through her involvement with activities of the Ghana Aids Commission’s activities, she was able to secure a five year European and American visas, and a Japanese visa to meet billionaire Bill Gates.

She is known for regularly accusing public figures, especially politicians and musicians who have helped her in the past falsely of soliciting for sexual favors from her.

She did not only get pregnant but got infected as well and that was it. Many Ghanaians pitied and prayed for her, wishing God would have mercy on her and protect her from all forms of danger as she went about her assignments as an AIDS ambassador.

Somehow, she got married to another carrier of the virus in the process, but they separated after a few months, then the strange metamorphoses began.

She denied being a carrier of the virus, claiming it was all a sham just to gain some fame and make some money. She openly dared anyone who doubted her to conduct a test on her for authentication. It took her husband of a few months to shut her up forever. He asked her, ‘if you are not HIV positive, why did you agree to marry me, a professed carrier of the virus’?

She later denounced God, claiming religion was fake and all of a sudden, she appears to be going psychiatric. What she did on a train in German is a testament to this.

Lately, it is as though she is now into some form of pornography business because the lady has no profession or trade. With her educational background (JSS graduate), it appears she is unemployable and so unsuccessful in everything she does; be it movie acting, music, dancing or fashion.

It was reported not long ago that the Security service in Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport have been put on the alert to cause her arrest and prosecution for fraud perpetrated on the nation during her tenure as Aids Ambassador.

The New Patriotic Party government led by president Akufo-Addo is bent on giving the good people of Ghana justice by sending security services after her to prosecute her.

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Source: Osei Mensah Richard




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