Franklin Cudjoe Insults his Mother Openly – SHAME!

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When a person insults a respectful and respectable lady such as Ms Elizabeth Ohene, it is a reflection of a decaying society made rotten by braggarts of knowledge who hardly have any sense of logic, reason, and adherence to social protocols as is indeed a major requirement for the functionality of brains that they do not possess.

I read a distasteful post by the Frankenstein look-alike, Franklin Cudjoe, who sought to disparage the character of Madam Elizabeth Ohene, and rubbish her knowledge and wisdom. It sounded so terrible that I wondered whether his brains had gotten charred from the seeming excess wee and alcohol that the biased Imani “SEPTIC” tank has shown itself to be immersed in. The word think tank is quite inappropriate when it comes to “Imani” that has a gluttonous ill-spirited person as its President.

It seems to me that Frankenstein (Franklin) Cudjoe has joined the spineless babies with sharp teeth who were contracted by John Mahama to destroy Jerry John Rawlings. In this manner, he is against anything and everything good that comes out of the NPP. That notwithstanding, he was reacting to a simple carefully worded write-up, well articulated with respect for all. He just could not keep his mouth shut! If you saw the design of his lips, you’d think they were the miniature replicas of a Volta river fisherman’s canoe. In Fact, shameless Franklin Cudjoe would neglect the urgent need to have his teeth fixed having become like the interspaced teeth of the tired zip of his grandfather’s overused pair of trousers.

His nonsense tank claims that government is intolerant. The irony is that his likes are unable to stomach criticism, but want everybody to agree with them on issues. Those who do not are tagged “anti-Christ”! Until Frankenstein met with the Finance Minister, he was raising rubble against Agyapa Royalties. Then, all of a sudden he now claims that it is a good economic setup. What happened? Does Imani Ghana operate by holding people and governments to “RANSOM”?

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What this confused idiot must know is that if Ms Elisabeth Ohene would just write a summary of her experience in life not to mention the abuses that she had suffered at the hands of chauvinists like him, it would be a blanket of darkness on the civilised world, and a blight on all those who claim civility, democracy, and human rights advocacy. Maybe Franklin must have a solemn moment with his mother whichever world she is in now. I am almost certain he would leave the meeting without looking back because he would quickly realise that he did not belong to the womb that carried him for nine months.

Franklin Cudjoe Insults his Mother Openly – SHAME!
Franklin Cudjoe Insults his Mother Openly – SHAME!

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Shame, shame, and a BIG SHAME! Ms Elisabeth Ohene is another kettle of fish if he thinks he can push her to rebut. I do not speak for her or anyone else, but suffice it to say that I cringe at unpalatable nonsense anyone would spew against respectable ladies very valuable and loved in our society, including Franklin’s mother for that matter. Then again why am I surprised? Was he not the same person who said, “NPP women’s private parts stink and are overused?”

What this dastard needs to know, also, is that women are not rags to be stepped on. They are mothers, sisters, and wives, and if we only can cherish their presence in our midst, we would be much more blessed than we can ever imagine. How can he flex his muscles on women, I mean how? He cannot live up to expectation because he has no balls (shuwa) between his legs! )ny3 nipa!!!

In as much as the running mate of the NDC had goofed during her days as education minister under John Mahama’s presidency, I cringed at the insults she received from certain quarters. I thought she could be taken on without the unfortunate disparagement. But shameful indeed are women who do not speak up against the abuse of their own because they are on different sides of the political divide, and Franklin Cudjoe’s NDC is bubbling with such narcissist one sided feminists. They are mute on this one too! Tweaaaa!

Imani is a septic tank, not a think tank at all.

Still #4More4Nana

By Fadi Dabbousi


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