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Since the special controversy of the Free-SHS implementation program began, Personally i have really never been against the Fact that students sit on blocks or on the floor to study as a major hindrance to the program because in comparing it to what our fathers and elders went through to seek education, i see it much better to Have education even on rocks than to be left at home.

But today, I have a major issue with SHS students having limited access to food, shelter and Utilities and I know every Ghanaian would agree undebatably with me.

In compromising with the access to education, We can no longer disadvantage our children and siblings the basic right to feeding, satisfy their fatigue with dormitory shelter and limit their further explorations with a bound flow of electricity and water, all these due to a lack of Cash-Flow balance.

Its depressing to find our country in a state where Head masters complain and they are sacked, Teachers’ Associations complain and they are disregarded, student Associations complain and they are divided, Parents complain and they are politically aligned.

My major questions are:

1. What happened to the Free-Shs monitoring Team led by Osafo Marfo (Senior Minister)?

2. Where is the Monitoring and Evaluation Minister (Hon. Akoto Osei ) in accessing the Policy and performance of the Ministry of education?

2. What did the committee see when they got to Vitting senior high school, La presec senior high school, Kalpohin senior high school, Prampram senior high school etc.?

3. Why cant they publish the report of what they saw or open up a stake holder dialogue to address the situation??

I rest my case!

Source: Malik Basintale

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