Free SHS is a Popular Monster going to Kill our Secondary Education – Efo Worlanyo 

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A Political Activist based in Brong Ahafo (B/A) Region, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, has said that the Free SHS policy introduced by the Akufo-Addo led New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a popular monster aimed at killing Ghana’s Secondary Education system.

In a statement, Efo Worlanyo indicated that though the free SHS is good, it was started without planning “no policy document, no adequate infrastructure to meet demand, and ignoring stakeholders in the education sector,”.

According to the NDC Youth Organizer Aspirant, anytime the NPP is in power, they try to play populist games. “Today, the country’s Secondary Education is being used for political gains which could later end up in a nightmare, he stated, adding that “…the NPP takes decisions without looking at the future consequences on the citizenry; intellectuals as they call themselves, they should’ve always done SWOT analysis on their policies before implementing them to avoid public outcry. No wonder they claim to always read but lack understanding,” he stated.

Efo Worlanyo explained that during President Kufour’s era, the NPP government constituted a committee chaired by Professor Anamoah Mensah, then Vice Chancellor of the University of Winneba, to advise them on the four year Secondary Education programme they wanted to implement.

The committee in its wisdom, advised the President, that though the four years extension is good, it should be implemented when the necessary infrastructure is in place because there would be pressure on the already few facilities available in the various Senior High Schools.

He explained that because the committee’s recommendation was not in line with what they (NPP) planned to do with the country’s education, they threw the report into the bin and went ahead to implement their four year duration programme.

According to Efo Worlanyo, in that year as NASPA President in Upper East Region, he witnessed a lot after visiting most of the Senior High Schools in that Region where classrooms, storerooms, bathrooms, and even school football fields were converted and used as ”sleeping places” for students.

“The congestured nature of the schools during the dry season at the North witnessed a severe outbreak of the CSM epidemic which affected most students and in a particular school killing about 7 students in a week, resulting in a lady paralyzed till date all in the name of NPP government implementing a policy ”by fire by force,”, he said.

Following this, the Political Activist and NDC Youth Organiser Aspirant in B/A, was grateful President Prof. Atta-Mills of blessed memory corrected the mistakes by investing massively in infrastructure on all Senior High campuses nationwide as well as going back to implement the recommendations of Prof. Anamoah’s report by reversing the “killer 4years duration” to 3 years.

“The Nana Addo led NPP government in power today has once again started toying politically with the future of the country’s Education,” he lamented.

Even Dr Addo Kufour, a leading member of the NPP made it clear that it is an unsustainable policy and government should think through before implementing it but he was also ignored because President Akufo-Addo said he was in hurry.

Source: Seyram K. Awuyeh

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