GA NDC Chair Race: Ashie Moore distributes Computers and Printers to constituencies

One of the Regional Chairman hopefuls of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region, Emmanuel Ashie Moore, has started his campaign with the distribution of free computers, scanners and printers to constituencies.

This forms part of his promise to equip all the NDC Constituency Offices with administrative equipments to enale them function effectively. Ashie Moore says he will ensure that all 34 constituencies across the region are well equipped.

The Co-founder of the Hamburg NDC, Germany and former Lawmaker for the Adenta Constituency said elections are won at the grassroots level so the constituencies must be well equipped so they can access information for victory.

With his experience as a former MP who knows much about the region, he thinks it is important offer himself to serve the region as party Chairman because according to him the party cannot afford not to win power in 2020 and he has the strategies to make it happen.

In an interview with Ashie Moore said he has what it takes to recover all the lost 7 seats for the opposition NDC come 2020. He said the Greater Accra region needs someone who would march the NPP’s newly elected regional chairman, Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom who was strategically picked from Sege, Dangme East, to enale the NPP more votes.

To this end, Ashie Moore said he has the capability to handle the man better than any other person when elected as the NDC regional chairman.

The Regional chairmanship hopeful, said he has a good vision for the NDC in the region and that is what is informing what he has been telling the delegates anytime he meets them in their various constituencies.

He said in the run-up to the 2016 general elections, the NDC had very good messages but the ‘messengers’ could not disseminate the message properly to the people to come out in their numbers vote massively for the party.

“…I am coming with antidotes to this identified problem, where a communications secretariat would be created for the Greater Accra NDC to bring all the party’s Communications Officers including the branches to run the secretariat for a better dissemination of information,”, he assured.

“I will create four funds – Women Wing Secretariat fund, Youth Secretariat fund, Welfare fund and Zongo Caucus Secretariat fund, so that they can run their secretariats devoid of financial difficulties,” he assured..

Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore also expressed disappointment that the NDC in Greater Accra Region went into the last general elections unprepared, contributing to the lost of Seven seats to NPP.

This painful defeat, he said formed part of his reasons to start equipping the constituencies ahead of the regional delegates’ conference. He said per his checks, the constituencies in the Greater Accra have no data to keep track of their members, and to also show the number of votes the NDC lost in the elections.

He said he would ensusre a 24 hour internet vonnectivity to the computers he is donating to the constituencies to enable them keep relevant data.

Source: Delali A. Awuye


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