GABRIEL ASARE OTCHERE-DARKO: Will your nephew speak to the US$ 9,910,800.00 worth of AMMO delivered to GAF, Mr. President? – Owula Mangortey wonders

I am a Citizen.

I rise to ask my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo whether you will nominate your nephew GABRIEL ASARE OTCHERE DARKO to answer my 144 questions on the AMMO supplied to the Ghana Armed Forces by the following companies:

(1) Messrs Fossies Logistics Ltd

(2) Messrs Uni-Africa Business Ltd

(3). Messrs Argate Contract Ltd.

(4). Messrs Yomtrac Limited

(5). Messrs RAK Ventures

(6). Messrs Sahel International

Your Excellency, your cousin seems articulate and can speak to the issues on the AMMO inspected by the GAF ACCEPTANCE BOARD on 27-28 December, 2018.

For overall Military and National Security considerations, I do not wish to publish the type, quantum, unit cost of the AMMO supplied to the GAF.

I note with glee that your government is falling for a useless document, a quisling is transmitting, to justify the importation of such AMMO into a peaceful, democratic Ghana which is not at war; and which is gearing up for elections in 2020.

Your Excellency, you are all gladly welcome to tow that line of spin.

Your government will regret such a spin.

Respectfully, will you urge your nephew Gabriel Asare Otchere Darko to come out of the shadows to face Owula Mangortey, a mere agbelima, gari and tapioca producing community NDC Branch Secretary on a live Radio and TV program to answer the 144 questions?

I await.

I Shall Retunr (sic).

Owula Mangortey
NDC Branch Secretary
Full Gospel Church Branch
Shai-Osudoku Constituency

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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