Gender Ministry, ECOWAS launch “Women empowerment” digital platform

The Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection has collaborated with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to launch a digital platform that would enable women within the ECOWAS community to empower each other in entrepreneurship and other areas.

The platform will allow about five million women across Africa to share ideas and knowledge on how to support each other for a better life.

The Chief Director of the Ministry, Dr. Afiza Zakaria, said, the new initiative will create the platform to advice and address issues concerning women in all areas of life and in entrepreneurship.

She noted, the Ministry is working together with ECOWAS to create a website for the initiative that would enable every woman, whether literate or illiterate to sign-up to the platform for advice or support in various forms.

“This is a platform to share ideas, support, groom women and advice those who want to be entrepreneurs.

“There will be some funds available to the concerns of such women who needs financial support and on other areas as well, “she indicated.

Dr. Afiza Zakaria advised women to take the opportunity to sign-up to the website, if it is made available in all the ECOWAS countries.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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