GFA Normalisation Committee achieves nothing in 3 Months

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Three and a half months after the Government of Ghana, in agreement with FIFA and CAF, set up a Normalization Committee [NC] to oversee reforms in the activities of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), virtually nothing has been achieved.

Rather, the NC has concerned itself with other activities, in a merry-go-round of tiptoeing around its core mandate. The review of the Statutes of the GFA to address governance issues that go to the heart of the massive corruption scandal that put Ghana on the map last year is firmly on the back burner.

In what can be described as a leap to nowhere, the NC today announced the formation of ad-hoc Committees to oversee Media, Technical, Referees, Administration, Marketing and Sponsorship. It has also been working on a special competition to provide the basis for selecting Ghana’s representatives to the 2020 CAF Clubs competitions.

One of the committees, per today’s announcement, is Referees and will cater to the selection of referees for the upcoming CAF Clubs competition.

The shifted focus of the NC which has led to it marking time, three and a half months after it was formed, has reportedly even angered some members of the NC itself.

Sometime last year, a revelation of systematized corruption in Ghana football by controversial investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, had shaken the nation and jolted the NPP government into a knee jerk reaction. As part of a comedy of errors, the NPP administration had announced the dissolution of the GFA.

The development put the government, whose leader, President Akufo-Addo, had himself been embroiled in the bribe-taking allegations, on a collision course with FIFA. The government would eventually eat humble pie and come to a compromise with FIFA.

The resultant formation of a Normalization Committee was announced with the Committee mainly tasked to review the statutes of the GFA so that they are brought in line with the statutes of FIFA.

The NC was also mandated to see to the formation of a special taskforce that would carry out a review of GFA sponsorship agreements and also carry out a forensic audit into GFA accounts.

Once the statutes of the GFA were synchronized with that of FIFA, the NC was to conduct elections for a new Executive Committee and a new FA President. The NC was to do all these in addition to overseeing the day to day running of the FA on a temporal basis.

However, since its formation three and half months ago, only the day to day running of the FA has occupied the attention of the NC. Nothing has been heard of the review, the special taskforce and the new elections. Rather, the NC has been fixated on organizing the special competition for selecting reps for Ghana at the CAF Club championship in 2020.

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