GHANA ARMED FORCES: Your recent secretive 1780 new recruitment exercise was not secretive? – Owula Mangortey asks

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistleblower with a known face and address.

I rise to ask the ARMED FORCES OF GHANA to look TRUTH in the face and speak it boldly and fearlessly.

Recently, the Military High Command came under severe criticism for the secretive recruitment of 1780 men.

And as a keen observer of Military affairs, I thought the Ghana Armed Forces could easily have explained the issue with their own video recordings of the recruitment exercise.

Be that as it may, will the
Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) answer the following questions to help underscore the need for the 1780 recruits, and the circumstances of the recruitment exercise?:

(1). Is the GAF not facing the specter of terrorist infiltration across Ghana’s porous borders?

(2). Is the GAF not aware that in the Upper East Region terrorist/bandit activities are as close as between 10 to 20 km away from the country’s borders?

(3). Is the GAF not aware that in the Upper West Region, killing of Ivorian soldiers by terrorists took place about 50 km from Ghana’s border?

(4). Why did the GAF conduct Operation Eagle Claw in the northern parts of the country?

(5). After the show of force and combat readiness during Operation Eagle Claw, did the GAF have the troops to patrol the country’s long porous borders?

(6). Why did the GAF establish the battalions at Wa and Bawku? Are the 1780 recruits who are expected to pass out in April, 2021, not earmarked for the Wa and Bawku barracks to fight terrorism?

(7). Is it not the lack of accommodation facilities that has impeded GAF ‘s recruitment of military personnel?

(8). If the GAF’s recent 1780 recruitment exercise was secretive, how come the final selection process was carried out in open public view at the Nicholson Stadium at Burma Camp?

(9). How come many persons in the military barracks, stakeholders in the military/intelligence community, the Media, the Political Parties Leadership, Religious and Traditional Authorities, etc have not had the benefit of viewing the GAF’s video recordings of the recent 1780 recruitment exercise?

(8). Didn’t Colonel Salifu Abukari of the GAF explain why the recruitment exercise took place, and why COVID-19 affected the timing of the recruitment and training processes?

(9). Didn’t some of the potential recruits openly state their names and where they were coming from and how pleased they were to have been selected for training?

As an observer of the internal and external security challenges facing Ghana for which the GAF is called upon to directly, and in collaboration with other security services, to combat; having researched the various flashpoints along the country’s porous borders; having noted the need for an increase in the numbers of military personnel to meet the varied operational requirements, I will appeal to the Ghana Armed Forces to look TRUTH of their circumstances in the face and speak it boldly.

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Tell Ghanaians of your needs and what you are doing so they can rally support behind the GAF.

As a Whistleblower, I must state that I followed the processes of the recent 1780 recruitment exercise, and it seems to me that commentary on the secretiveness of the exercise was everything like an irony sandwich.

I Shall Return.

Owula Mangortey
12th November, 2020.

Keep the attached GAF video. You will need it on January 7, 2021.

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