Ghana get ready… The CHANGE you Voted for would soon be RESTORED

The NDC would not go to court and clutch at wobbling straws seeking to get John Mahama declared winner. NO! For instance, the NDC would not pray the Supreme Court Justices to annul votes and declare John Mahama winner because of missing signatures of presiding officers on pinksheets or other omissions on pinksheets. NO!

The NDC’s case would be about simple and basic arithmetic;1+1. The case wound require the Supreme Court Justices to get their ‘makola’ calculators and tabulate results as declared at the polling stations and compare same with cooked figures on collation sheets. When push comes to shove, the Justices would have to tabulate results on the various summary sheets and juxtaposed same with cooked figures of the EC. For instance, in one constituency which I would not mentioned, John Mahama, based on figures on pink sheets from the various polling stations duly signed by EC officials and agents, and same entered on summary sheets, had a little over 43,000 votes. But the EC officials miraculously entered a littler over 38,000 votes for Mahama. Robbing him of almost 5000 votes in only one constituency. And I repeat, this is just one constituency. The figures from other constituencies would knock you off your feet. The EC unintelligently entered the right figures on the summary sheets but in summing it up to be entered on the collation sheets, then the officers ‘did what they were paid to do’.

Tell me, which judge would have glaring evidence of this and rule otherwise? At this point, the NDC must be grateful and thankful to Ghanaians for voting for change. Ghanaians really voted for change in an unprecedented manner. The last thing NDC and John Mahama would do would be to deny Ghanaians the opportunity not to let their votes determine who governs this country. The NDC and John Mahama are determined and poised to go ANY length to get the right things done. With what I have witnessed, I can confidently say, without any fear of contradiction, that John Mahama won the December 7 election squarely without any blemish. But like someone said, the voters do not determine the outcome of election, it is those who count the votes. But in our case, even when those who count the votes have managed to falsify figures in favor of a particular candidate, there are overwhelming evidence to get it overturned.

The NPP and President Akufo-Addo are worried and not happy for a good reason. Their cover have been blown. The unstoppable tide has uncloth their underbelly. Very soon, in fact in matter of weeks, the world would know how an ECOWAS Chairman had to bribe electoral officers to cook figures for him to secure a second term. President Akufo-Addo and his handlers are more worried about this than any other thing. He would soon be declared loser of an election his paid EC hurriedly declared him winner. It would be akin to a boxer who had been declared winner of a world title but weeks after it was discovered that wrong points were entered on the scorecard, thus he must return the title to the rightful owner. President Akufo Addo and his people are thinking of how they would bear this shame.

President Akufo Addo may have ‘stocked’ the courts but with what is coming, even Rebecca Akufo Addo as Supreme Court judge would have no room to workout any escape route for the NPP. Like I said earlier, the case would follow strick and basic arithmetic rule ; 1+1 must equal to 2 and not 11. The Supreme Court may not be an auditing chamber but they would not countenance a Jean Mensah/Bossman Asare kind of warp arithmetic where 1+1 would equal to 11.

With what is coming, the Justices would be dumbfounded when the NDC puts these sinful arithmetic injustices before them in few days to come. The Supreme Court would be turned into a collation centre. And at this moment, I would urge everybody to get a calculato. NDC members and all those who voted for change have every reason to smile. Madam Jean Mensah’s declaration of Akufo Addo as President elect is a temporal hunchback which would soon be flattened.

Wait, before any ‘baby elephant’ shouts, GO TO COURT, just pause for a minute – gird your loins and meet us there. When on the final day of the editing of the pinksheets, you heard us sing, ‘We are going, heavens know where we are going…’ it is just to tell you that our legal team was ready to fire the ‘explosives’.

Enjoy your boxing day and don’t forget you have invited me for ‘bronya’ yet?

I shall be back

Amorse Blessing Amos
Deputy Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer
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