GHANA IS DYING: Clergy Sycophancy and Cathedral Scandal

The Cathedral Project Scandal further amplifies the exploitation of Ghana's public purse as the LGBTQI Advocate David Adjaye and an American Consultant, Curry Summers are paid millions of dollars for virtually no work done.

The leaders of the Anglican Church and Assemblies of God were in the Jubilee House to praise President Akufo-Addo a few days after the Catholic Church meeting with President Akufo-Addo exposed his support for Galamsey and defence of Chairman Wuntumi’s Akonta Mining Company despite its threat to Ghanaians, the forest reserve, rivers and water bodies resulting in food and water shortage.

The survival of suffering Ghanaians some of whom are their Church Members was not the concern of the church leaders who were swearing at the Jubilee House to collect money from their congregations to build Akufo-Addo’s Cathedral…

The Clergymen were unconcerned about the Profanity spewed in the very place they were praising President Akufo-Addo a few days prior…

The Meek Mill Profanity Video recording at the Jubilee House exposed how the unbridled “Family & Friends Policy of Akufo-Addo” allows the undue exploitation of Ghana and Ghanaians even occasioning massive Security Breaches…

The Cathedral Project Scandal further amplifies the exploitation of Ghana’s public purse as the LGBTQI Advocate David Adjaye and an American Consultant, Curry Summers are paid millions of dollars for virtually no work done.

It is very revealing for clergymen who collect untaxed offertory to support a Corruption-taintedCathedral whose financing is shrouded in secrecy, ‘stealing from the public purse’ and a controversial fundraising which remains unaccounted for…

The intended use of the Cathedral drawn by an LGBTQI Advocate itself is rife with controversy…

Even as many construction companies abandon Ghana for lack of payment, laying off thousands of workers some of whom are Anglican and SDA Church members; the Cathedral contractors join the list which includes Sinohydro, Rolider…

The key plank in the building of any project is the LAND.


The Osu Mantse Layout Land is not Ghana Government or State Acquired Lands, but Native Lands HELD IN TRUST.

The Government of Ghana or the President of Ghana who is the TRUSTEE, CANNOT APPROPRIATE TRUST PROPERTY or dash or give away any portion of the Trust Property or Land to anybody especially to himself or his personal project…

The Cathedral Project Secretariat and their Board of Trustees cannot become the owners of the prime Osu Mantse Layout Land worth millions of dollars.

President Akufo-Addo must immediately state clearly the status of all State Acquired Lands and stop the wanton dissipation of the lands being looted by persons close to his government and party.

There are many Sir Johns around Akufo-Addo;

Stephen Ntim has been accused by Hon. Kennedy Agyepong of stealing State Lands while heading the Lands Commission, just like Sir John stole portions of the Achimota forest while heading the Forestry Commission.

The Cathedral Project cannot be allowed to become another Land Looting project like the Tradefair Redevelopment Project, Cantonments Civil Aviation, CSIR, GRA, GBC, KPLETSO and other Landgrabbing exercises currently underway…

President Akufo Addo’s record in checking Land Looting is so poor that he refused to act on the Justice Sophia Akuffo Article 146 Petition which had a list and particulars of hundreds of Land Looters including the sitting Chief Justice who paid GHc7000 for prime Cantonments State Land worth millions.

The Special Prosecutor must take immediate action…

🎼 AriseGhana Youth for your country.

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

OccupyGhana hypocrites said that the President was only a conveyor belt in such Article 146 Petition cases and had no choice but to act immediately he received an Article Petition for the removal of a Chief Justice.

Yet Sampson Lardi Anyinenyi, Yaw Oppong and Ace Ankoma were silent as President Akufo-Addo, who according to Ace Annan Ankomah “was only a postal address for Article 146 Petitions”, for two (2) years refused to act on the Article 146 Petition for the removal of Justice Sophia Akuffo as Chief Justice in breach of the Constitution of Ghana.

That act constitutes High Crime, an offence for which President Akufo-Addo could be removed from office.

OccupyGhana will not act on it because their President and Party must be protected in the Sophia Akuffo Article 146 Petition which was never reffered to the Council of State…

Unlike the former EC Chairperson Charlotte Osei Article 146 Petition which the OccupyGhana lawyers made a carrier of;

The current EC Chairperson Jean Adukwei Mensa who also has two (2) Article 146 Petitions has recieved total silence from OccupyGhana.

Some Clergymen, Media and CSOs have become DUMBDOGS.

God Save Our Homeland Ghana and help us survive the WASTED YEARS OF THE AKUFO-ADDO-BAWUMIA GOVERNMENT and their DumbDogs who can’t speak truth to power because they are compromised or complicit or corrupt.


By Prince-Derek Adjei

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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