Ghana – No Freedom, No Justice:

Fundamental Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution are taken away by the Government, Chiefs, thugs...

Media or Press Freedom was attacked when critical media houses were shut down by government and now Chiefs too are issuing fatwas banning media houses while a weak National Media Commission stands aloof and the GJA issues lukewarm statements…

The Military, National Security and thugs attack journalists at will, Kpletso Shooting and Assault by armed men in Ghana Army Uniform remains unresolved, Noah of Radio Ada, Bobie-Ansah of Accra FM…

Freedom of Assembly and Association including public Manifestations such as AriseGhana Demo often see Police brutality…

JUSTICE: must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.

Did you Know that Chief Justices Sophia Akuffo and Georgina Theodora Woode had Article 146 Petitions for their removal over fraudulently allocated State Lands?

Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode returned the prime Airport State Land which was used to build the Foreign Affairs Head Office Complex.

The International Students Hostel Land was offered Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode over the phone in exchange for her low-cost Akweteyman Land…

Did you also know that Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo was fraudulently allocated prime State Land at Cantonments and she paid only GHc7000 for expensive land, thus becoming an instant Millionaire?

Did you Know that Justice Sophia Akuffo sat on the Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey Ridge Bungalow Case?

Justice Sophia Akuffo should have recused herself from the case because she and Jake Obetsebi-Lampte were both fraudulently allocated State Lands at Cantonments; so would have been sitting in judgement of her own case.

Justice Sophia Akuffo ruled against Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey in the Ridge Bungalow Case, yet she held on to the Cantonments State Land fraudulently allocated to her.

President Akufo-Addo in breach of the 1992 Constitution, refused to act on the Article 146 Petition for the removal of Justice Sophia Akuffo because he did not want to act on the long list of Land Looters attached to the Petition because of the people on the list.

The Council of State refused to confirm receiving any correspondence from the President in relation to the Justice Sophia Akuffo as required by the Constitution.

The Special Prosecutor has the list of Land Looters, with particulars of the fraudulent allocation of State Lands.

Will the Special Prosecutor be able to investigate the high profile personalities on the Land Looters List, including Judges?

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of Article 20 of the 1992 Constitution in the La Mantse Nii Kpobi Tettey Tsuru II vs Attorney General paved the way for Land Looters like Justice Sophia Akuffo to enjoy their Loot at the expense of the State and the Original Land Owners – La Stool whose prime Airport, Legon, Cantonments and Labone Lands were being shared among high profile personalities.

The Supreme Court interpretation of “Public Interest” to mean “Public Purpose” and that if the State Acquired Lands in the Public Interest, instead of the land automatically reverting to the Original Owners when the purpose of acquisition changes, it can be given to persons like Justice Sophia Akuffo, Justice Georgina Woode and Jean Adukwei Mensa, if the Public will benefit from the use of the IEA Hotel which money will go to the private person who can like Sir John will it to his Family Forever; while the Original Land Owners are deprived of the Lands FOREVER.

How can the LA seek JUSTICE from the Courts of Ghana, when JUDGES are interested persons?

Two former Lands Ministers, Inussah Fuseini (NDC) and Peter Amewu (NPP) described the La Land Looting as “Kelewele and Toffee” sharing of State Lands.

The current Lands Minister lamented on national television that the people who are revered in our society go round on weekends looking for State Lands and Bungalows with little or no activity then come to his office to pressure him to allocate these prime lands to them.

Government is now having great difficulty in acquiring Land for developmental projects such as Schools and lately Hospitals because nobody trusts government not to give the lands to private persons instead of the land being used for the original purpose…

Prime State Lands with very expensive buildings including Judges Accommodation were demolished to build a Cathedral.

AriseGhana Youth for your country.

Interestingly, despite a pending injunction, the Cathedral Secretariat claimed contemptuously that the project started because Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo gave them Judicial Permission.

These cases will have to be investigated by the Special Prosecutor as Judgement Debt looms; but which court will the prosecution be done so the Original Land Owners get JUSTICE?

It is clear that who sits on a case is important in determining the outcome, as different Judges can give different rulings on the same case given the same sets of facts, dependent on a number of variables…

God Save Our Homeland Ghana and help us REFORM OUR JUDICIARY.





By Prince-Derek Adjei


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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