Ghana to Become Extinct: Due to Galamsey, Corruption and Land Looting…

The DumbDogs are busily trying to divert attention from the woes of the government with baseless allegations orchestrated by the Danquah Institute and its implants in the NPP.

Whiles the President is on a campaign tour, the Vice President is at a Thanksgiving Wake-Keeping ceremony of Queen Elizabeth in Ghana whiles others are busily lobbying for invitations to the actual Funeral in London…

In any serious country, the President would have cancelled his campaign tour, declared a State of Emergency and an immediate freeze on all forms of mining until the Galamsey and the effects on the environment particularly the pollution of the rivers and water, destruction of farmlands are brought under control.

In the absence of President Akufo-Addo showing leadership, Galamsey Queen Aisha Huang may one day soon, address the Nation.

This is in keeping with the emerging trend of three key characters in Ghana’s Galamsey tragedy, Charles Bissiu, DCE Bonzoh-K and George Mireku Duker having become media celebrities by some Gluttonous Journalists instead of being with the security services…

The DumbDogs are busily trying to divert attention from the woes of the government with baseless allegations orchestrated by the Danquah Institute and its implants in the NPP.

Richard Ahiagba was used to follow-up on a diversionary Abronye false publication supported by the Office of the President in the hope of dragging the Former President into a needless controversy which their media surrogates can latch on…

Richard Ahiagba, a former Executive Director of the Danquah Institute and a Presidential Staffer recently appointed National Communications Director of the NPP, in his maiden press conference goofed badly and was confronted with his lies by the NDC National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi on national television…

FACT: Many Article 71 Officeholders have not been paid their End of Service Benefits and Salary arrears.

As former Deputy CEO, I can confirm that this includes all the Article 71 Officeholders of the Youth Enterprise Support [YES] which was set up by President John Mahama at the Office of the President to help the Ghanaian Youth to set up their own companies focused on agribusiness particularly greenhouse projects and import substitution, which has been renamed National Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan [NEIP] by President Akufo -Addo and expected to roll out the YouStart programme which is essentially the same as YES.

President John Mahama never complained about his unpaid Article 71 Benefits but rather in answering a question posed by a journalist stated specific benefits he was entitled to but were denied him that he was paying for personally.

The lies of Richard Ahiagba and the NPP that some persons who were opposed to Former President Kufuor being given an official retirement accommodation and office are demanding that President John Mahama is given such accommodation and office has been debunked.

FACT: As leader of the GaDangme Youth that stopped President Kufuor from annexing Accra Lands for himself and his family as FREEHOLD PROPERTY under the guise of End of Service Benefits, I can confirm the following facts;

  1. The GaDangme Youth was in principle not opposed to a Former President being given Official Retirement Accommodation, however, they were specific that it must like any Pension be only enjoyed during the lifetime of the beneficiary and not passed on indefinitely to the next of kin after death as a FREEHOLD PROPERTY that can be willed to others thereby depriving the Original Land Owners of their Lands FOREVER.
  2. The GaDangme Youth therefore opposed the President Kufuor attempt to takeover prime Accra Lands under the guise of his ESB and indicated that the Ridge Residence of Former President Jerry John Rawlings must revert to the State upon his death or be returned to the Original Land Owners, if the State does not intend to use it to accommodate another future former President.
  3. Contrary to the imperative that Emoluments Committee Reports are to be implemented by the successor government, President John Agyekum Kufuor attempted to implement the Chinery-Hesse Committee Report and use it to take the said prime Accra Lands for his Office and Accommodation while he was still President instead of waiting for the President John EvansAtta Mills government to implement the Chinery-Hesse Committee Report.
  4. President John Evans Atta Mills reviewed the Chinery-Hesse Committee Report, he never got an Official State Accommodation nor Office while alive nor after his death.
  5. Former President John Mahama has no Official State Accommodation or Office though he is entitled to one during his lifetime; he currently lives in his privately funded accommodation and operates from a privately funded office.
  6. The GaDangme Youth are still committed to their position that State Lands or Bungalows must not have their ownership transfered to private persons but rather revert to the State or be returned to the Original Land Owners whenever the purpose or period of acquisition by the State lapses.

Indeed all Government workers including State Security Personnel who are officially accommodated in government Bungalows, vacate these Bungalows upon retirement or exit from government employment within a stipulated period.

The phenomenon of high profile personalities STEALING STATE LANDS AND BUNGALOWS under whatever guise or fraudulent allocations is strongly opposed and will be fiercely resisted.

The botched diversion attempt by the Danquah Institute operatives in the NPP and the Akufo-Addo government came on the heels of a week of OccupyGhana led CSOs Picketing the fact that Corruption and Waste had gulped billions of State Funds and illegal auction of State Vehicles to Judges and an exposé on Looting of State Lands by high profile personalities including former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo.

The short-lived OccupyGhana assault on the Auditor General for not surcharging the judges after disallowing the transaction, ended in a whimper with a muted meeting on Friday.

The OccupyGhana threat of an Article 146 Petition for the removal of the Auditor General from office has rather exposed their duplicitous position on the Article 146 Petitions which they claimed during the Charlotte Osei Article 146 Petition case that the President was only a conveyor belt or post office address and had no choice but to act immediately he received an Article 146 Petition;

OccupyGhana members were aware of Article 146 Petitions against Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo and EC Chairperson Jean Adukwei Mensa that President Akufo Addo had refused to act on in breach of the Constitution of Ghana, an act which constituted High Crime for which President Akufo-Addo could be removed from office; yet the OccupyGhana members had pretended not to be aware in order to save President Akufo-Addo, Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo and Jean Adukwei Mensa.


Ghanaians will be asking for answers from President Akufo-Addo on Galamsey, Land Looting & Corruption.

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

OccupyGhana, Abronye and Ahiagba cannot change the narrative.

Unpaid NaBCo Victims, National Service Personnel and unposted Teacher Trainees, Nursing Trainees, Medical Doctors and indeed all Ghanaians will not be distracted by the LIES OF AHIAGBA & ABRONYE…

AriseGhana Youth for your country.

God Save Our Homeland Ghana and help us survive the WASTED YEARS OF THE AKUFO-ADDO GOVERNMENT.




By Prince-Derek Adjei

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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