Ghana’s Integrity Is Sinking

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Ghana is one of the countries that has harnessed great level of honor and value in all aspects of national affairs ranging from our history to the normal culture of the people. It’s worth noting that Ghana was the breakthrough for all colonized African countries when we gained Independence from colonial rule in 1957. We can’t afford to dame the victory our forefathers toiled to gain for today and the future. The gun points, the prison tragedy and the internal opposition that met these freedom fighters is the ordeal of their time to crown us the Ghana we have today. It’s worth noting that the conduct of Ghanaians towards our leaders since Independence is the serpent-Eve conduct where we mislead than rightly advise.

Ghana was thrown into a state militancy after our visionary first President was overthrown as President of Ghana by such serpents. The tragedy of several military coup d’ tars characterize Ghana until H.E. Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings fought a hard-won battle by holding Ghana in his young brain from 1979 till 1992 where he allowed Ghanaians to smoke the pipe of peace and international practices by introducing Democracy in our political dispensation. Democracy has won Ghana several awards and that of the most peaceful country is worth beating chest over. For fighting against corruption, Ghana was notably a country with little corruption practices after Rawlings walked the show by disciplining corrupt officials and even private practitioners.

It’s however surprising to know the escalated corruption practices that besieged Ghana during the John Agyekum Kufuor’s regime as President of the republic of Ghana and subsequent Governments and it’s at its peak in the dark in the era of the current Government where corrupt officials are boldly defended by the President and his Government.

The hail-like investigations done by our most recognized investigative journalist Anas Aramiyaw Anas has granted Ghana an international trust on the fight against corruption and among his investigatory findings, the Ghana harbor corruption scandal in 2011, the number 12 and the current galamsey corruption practices in 2018 and 2019 respectively are huge corruption findings that the international Community looks forward to shaping our stand on corruption.

It’s however shocking to note that the ruling Government and its subordinates are completely not comfortable with findings of the renowned investigative journalist where the likes of Hon. Ken. Agyapong, Chairman Wumtumi, Mr. Gabby Otchery Darko and other members of the NPP and its Government are branded to impede the activities of Anas and his team. A clear picture of these are the public utterances and revelations that are made against Anas and the tiger eye PI. This has led to the upset death of one of the members of the tiger eye PI less than a month ago.

The government of Ghana and the world preaches against corruption and that is the main reason why the Government has established the special prosecutor’s office to specially handle corruption cases against public officials. The unfortunate outcome after the establishment of such an internationally recognized office is the influence Government has on the office of the special prosecutor where the President has on several occasions cleared his people without allowing the Special Prosecutor to investigate them. It is sad to note that the intention of Government for establishing the office of the Special Prosecutor is failing since it expected the arrest and prosecution of officials of previous Government which Hon. Kennedy Agyapong warned the President over saying Mr. Martin Amidu will go after H.E Nana Addo’s own people and it is about materializing after the number 12 and galamsey exposé. In the number 12 exposé, the President, the Vice President, some ministers of state and the President of the Ghana football association (GFA) were mentioned. Mr. Kwesi Nyantekyi suffered the faith alone and none of those names that pop up was quizzed.

Today, it is about corruption in fighting galamsey where Government spent huge sum of money on and also the painful murder of Major Mahama in his course of ensuring that the fight against galamsey was possible. The current revelation could be a possible answer to why a whole community could take an army officer for an armed robber despite his prove with his credentials confirming he was an army officer. These corrupt officials could facilitate inciting the community members against the leader of the Operation Vanguard team.

While the then NDC Government led by H.E John Dramani Mahama was painted as the most corrupt Government ever in Ghana in the lead up to the 2016 general elections, disseminated and blown down to the ears of the ordinary Ghanaian by horn blowers like Hon. Alhaji. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Vice President Alhaji Mahamudu Bawmia, his wife Samira Bawmia, H.E Nana Addo, the NPP and its elements, no single official of that administration has fallen culpable to any corruption practice. It is rather the other way round where corruption practices in the Nana Addo led Government is celebrated like parties and birthdays.  People like A-plus, Ken Agyapong are the only people bold enough to say it loud.

The truth is that governance is not as seen by people. It is time we appreciate how Ghana has been ruled in the hands of any NDC Government.

Source: Kunsaari A. Enbong


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