Ghana’s Nuclear Energy Project on Course – NPG Boss

The second phase of the site selection activity ends with the identification of the preferred sites. So, we are on course to do that by the end of next year"


Ghana’s quest to supplement its energy mix with nuclear energy by the year 2030 is on course with the second phase of the programme already initiated. This follows the successfully completion of the first phase. Executive Director of Nuclear Power Ghana (NPG), Dr. Stephen Yamoah, revealed this during the opening of a 3-day Workshop for selected journalists on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, at the Electro Volta Conference Hall at the VRA Head office in Accra.

The ongoing workshop forms part of the institution’s extensive collaboration with the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), to equip and strengthen the understanding of media professionals on current Nuclear Power Project activities including Vendor & Strategic Partner Selection processes.

Ghana's Nuclear Energy Project on Course - NPG Boss

Dr. Yamoah indicates it is time for the country to think about alternative baseloads such as nuclear power for the generation of electricity since 65 percent of hydro power resources have been exhausted.

“Over reliance on hydro power plants as baseload; the increasing demand for the country’s industrilization agenda and the environmental conditions, it is no longer sustainable to rely on the hydro plants,” he stated.

According to him, the phase two of the three-phased project is part of the preparatary activities before the actual commencement of the construction of the power plant. This according to him requires identification of the sites; the vendor or the nuclear technology company that will partner NPG for the construction of the nuclear plant; engagement with the public and the communities; as well as policies and strategies for the implementation of the project.

“I must say that, we are on course to complete the second phase of the site selection activity. The second phase of the site selection activity ends with the identification of the preferred sites. So, we are on course to do that by the end of next year,” he indicated.

The Director of Public Affairs of the Nuclear Power Ghana, Belorna on her part, underscored the importance of specialized energy reporting which should be a major component of the unique roles of the media as information managers.

In her welcome address at the opening of the three-day workshop last Tuesday, Belorna observed that, accurate and reliable communication on sensitive issues in technical and specialized fields such as nuclear energy science and technology are very significant and essential, which is the reason for a special purpose vehicle such as the media to drive the needed change towards Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme.

“NPG is keen on establishing a sturdy and a well bonded relationship with its stakeholders through the media. To gain the social license required, we use the media as our special purpose vehicle to help reach all corners of this country for effective involvement and engagement,” she said.

Ghana's Nuclear Energy Project on Course - NPG Boss

She further emphasized the move to build a new nuclear power plant for the country is more than just a demand for clean energy: and that it means new jobs; new education; contracts for local industries; economic growth; and improved quality of life for the people.

She therefore urged all stakeholders to contribute their quota in order to get the project implemented on time.

“NPG cannot do this all alone. We need a concerted effort between Government and industry, and obviously with you the media and civil society to put in place what is needed to build Ghana’s first Nuclear Power Plant,” she urged.

By Clement Akoloh ||

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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