Ghana’s Position on Covid-19 Should Remind Western Togolanders of their Unremitting Struggle for Restoration of the Homeland

The Homeland Western Togoland was blessed and endow with outstanding men and women of various capacities of life. A land bestow to be a blessing to its inhabitants is now in the hands of people who are supposed to be our neighboring country, Ghana.

Not only have we been abandoned and our needs not catered for, for many years that we have been annexed and coerced by our equal partners from the Gold coast, Now Ghana.

Our taxes are been taken away from us and we have nothing to show for it.

On March 15, 2020, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo addressed the nation on the Covid-19 pandemic but failed to provide measures that the government is taking to ensure that those who are not infected are protected and those who are infected are taken care off.

Since the pandemic is not a fault of any one, provisions have to be made for those who are being laid off by the government, bearing in mind that the failure of the various government of Ghana since independence has made Ghanaians to live on pay cheque to pay cheque or hand to mouth.

By now, we should have been told the locations of isolation centers in all the regions. The best managers of Ghana who ironically are in charge of the homeland Western Togoland have no plan for isolation centers, even if they do or come out of their slumber in a later date and realized the need for isolation centers, don’t be surprise if you don’t see a single isolation center in Western Togoland.

No one can make our homeland a better place for us than ourselves. No government think of a better life for us than a government we would called our own. That is why it has become imperative for us to have a constitutionally elected government of Western Togoland. A government that will think of us and provide for us.

Under Ghana, we are expose and vulnerable to the Convid-19 than anything else. Our prayer is that, the God that drives away flies from the tailless animal will keep us under his protective feathers.

Knowing how vulnerable we are, we should do ourselves the honor by taken seriously, the safety measures by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Meanwhile, we should not relent, neither should we forget about the noble struggle for restoring the homeland. We own that as a duty to the homeland.

We shall overcome.

By Seth Mifetu.   

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
  1. Nyakpo says

    Good job, Ghanaian do not think of our wellbeing. There is no single isolation centre in the Western Togoland side of Ghana because the land is not their we are always exposed to misfortunes. The Aflao border is one of the busiest border serving as an entrepots to Reps of Togo, Benin, Nigeria Cameroon etc which all got some records of the virus. But there is no single isolation centres in that catchment.

  2. koveyaw says

    All you is true, WTL awake.

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