Girls In ICT: MTN Foundation, Soronko Academy hold talks with Basic School Pupils

Soronko Academy and the MTN Foundation have jointly marked this year’s ‘Girls in ICT Day’ with a half day forum for some selected basic school pupils in Accra. Over 50 girls selected mostly from public schools around La-Bawaleshie, a suburb of Accra were given the opportunity to ask questions of a panel of ladies with expertise and experience in the various fields of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).

The objective is to expose the girls to opportunities in ICT, whip up their interest and motivate them to consider careers in ICT as they grow up.

The International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April every year.

The general theme for this year’s edition is “Expand Horizons, Change Attitudes” with the sub theme being “What I wished I knew at age 16”.

Madam Georgina Asare Fiagbenu, Senior Manager in charge of MTN Foundation explained to the participants that the day was set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to encourage girls into ICT.

“It is basically to encourage you to think ICT and most importantly to consider it as a career. Think about the theme which is asking us to expand our horizon by opening up all our senses and then changing our attitude. Know that anything that anyone has achieved, you can achieve it too. Remember that whatever the situation there is a part that you would have to play for yourself so you can be counted among the bright people in ICT in the future,” she stated.

Questions asked by the children were mostly about the opportunities in ICT for ladies, how expensive is it to pursue a Career in ICT, the processes to become an expert in ICT and how financially rewarding is the industry to practitioners, among others.

Panelists at the event urged the participants to “use technology wisely so that technology would also serve you well”. According to them, technology is pervasive as it affects every aspect of the human life, as such it is advantageous for girls especially to get into it early so as to beat the competition.

“There are several misconceptions about ICT that needs to be corrected and this comes when you take the subject serious. Develop a passion for ICT, use it to research on what you want to do, do it passionately and the money will follow,” they advised.

A member of the panelists, who is also the Senior Manager for MFS Operations and Service Delivery at MTN Ghana, Ruth Badoo told in interview that the special emphasis on girls is a deliberate attempt to bridge the ICT gap.

“It is true that a lot of women are now entering into the “den of men”, but we must support them. We must encourage them that there is nothing mystical about ICT and that they can do it. We need to bring more girls on board the ICT train and let them know that ICT is part of everything that we do these days.

Other members of the panel included Judith Annor, Jackling Osei, and Angela Solomon, all of MTN Ghana.

There was a photo session, an Innovation Challenge, Exhibition and Demo Session, brainstorming and Ideation sessions as part of the event. Participants were also presented with certificates.

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