“Give us back our Lands” – La Youth Charges Government 

The Coalition of La Association (COLA), has done a protest to reclaim La Dadekotopon lands that are allegedly in the custody of the state.

In the petition the protesters presented to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, they urgently demanded the release of Airport Hills Lands where they have their Kpeletso deity which according to them the military has taken away from the people of La.

COLA accused the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) of destroying their revered deity called Kpeletso on the  Airport Hills lands belonging to the natives.

The Coalition accused Ghana Armed Forces of looting a large acreage of prime lands belonging to the people of La far in excess of what was originally acquired for their use.

The Coalition further accused the military of disregarding the rule of law and custom of the people of La. They cautioned the military to leave their lands so as to ensure peaceful co-existence.

In addition, COLA pointed out that the government, through the military, Lands Commission and other agencies have been conniving to “steal” La people’s lands.

The demonstrators clad in red amidst drumming and chanting of war songs wielded placards some of which read; “Mr. President we deserve better”, “our Chiefs deserve better” “Nana remember the past” “give us Trade Fair Lands” among others.

Submitting the petition, the second Vice Chairman of the Coalition, Cornelius Adjetey, stated that several petitions have been written to the Presidency over the years on the matter but have not yielded any dividend.

According to him, the government has treated the people of La unjustly by taking over their lands and unilaterally extending lease periods.

“We are resolved that we shall not allow the use of unconstitutional or “stealing” of our lands, and we will resist same by every means possible,” he stated.

The Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Benito Owusu Bio, who received the petition, expressed gratitude to the group and their leaders for ensuring that the demonstration was peaceful.

He assured them that their petition would be given the necessary and needed attention it requires. Owusu Bio also urged them to be calm as the sector Ministry take steps to act on their petition by conveying their message to the President.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh

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