Giving power to the Branches and the Constituencies will ensure overwhelming Victory for the NDC in 2020 – Mahama

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Addressing branch and constituency executives in the Central Region, Former President John Mahama said he was happy the power is going back to the branches and the constituencies per the party’s new arrangement.

He said he was extremely happy the party is being returned directly to the branches and the constituencies. He said with the current arrangement the people at the grassroots will decide who their representatives and flag bearer will be. He said, unlike before, where few people were selected to represent the regions and constituencies to elect flag bearer and representatives, the party want to return power to the real owners. He said, the party must allow the people (branches/constituencies) to make their choice and then move the party forward.

He said, we can no longer stay in the capitals, to do things the way we just feel it should be done. The branch system is being eroded, it is the few fortunate ones who were elected who called the shot, whereas the people who suffered and do all the grounds work don’t even come to light. He said it is time to carry those at the branch level along, so that they are part and parcel of the election process.

He said there is the need to build confidence in the people at the branches, so that they will have that sense of belonging. He told the executives that if that is achieved, the NDC will be gradually repositioning ahead of 2020. He assured the executives that he will support the party to furnish them with all the logistics and other materials they will need for their activities.

He appealed to members to put the last internal elections behind them and focus on the 2020 election. He appealed to the victors to embrace the losers and vice versa.
He told the executives that the NDC must win the 2020 election because of the confidence Ghanaians have in the party. He said the NDC mustn’t win the 2020 election because of the abysmal performance of the current administration. He said we are motivated by the cry and yearning of Ghanaians for the NDC to comeback to power. He said the NDC intend to do that by putting up a very serious mobilization team at the branches and constituencies so that by 2020 the party can defeat the ruling party.

He used the tree analogy to explain the new arrangement. He said a tree with weak roots will surely die. Every tree needs solid roots, stem and branches to survive all climatic threats.


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