Goosie Tanoh slams past and present governments for ditching the Ghana Agenda

A strategist and organizational specialist who is also a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Augustus ‘Goosie’ Tanoh, has condemned past and present governments of Ghana for abandoning the hopes of the Ghanaian over the years.

Goosie Tanoh, a presidential aspirant hopeful who is expected to formally announce his intentions to contest the flagbearerhip position in the NDC this week, minced no words about how poor the leadership within and outside his party has so far been.

“Our nation has in the last several years been held hostage to the triumph of injustice over right, the naked and unjust appropriation of our public wealth to service family and friends and a few chosen apostles of greed whose sole virtue is their expertise in the dissipation of the public purse for private gain. The consequence has been a profound loss of confidence in our governance institutions and the functionaries that man them. The hope of the 1992 constitution has been replaced by a deep skepticism and lack of faith.”

Delivering a keynote address at the First Delegates Conference of a new organization known as Organizing for Ghana (OfG) at a three-day workshop over the weekend at the Forest Hotel at Dodowa, Goosie Tanoh observed said “Let us be clear that the political elite (on both sides of the aisle), only see the state as a vehicle to serve and advance the interests of an acquisitive few by fair or foul means.

“They and the few who think like them (and unquestionably serve them for a few talents of silver) have certainly no intention or commitment to implementing an agenda of far reaching social and economic reforms and a program of positive transformation in the lives of the broad majority of Ghanaians. Theirs is a politics of exclusion of the many to advance the cause of the few.”

In the speech which was in the form of an “Open Letter” to the NDC, he called on the grassroots of the party to be ready to sacrifice for the change that they so yearn for to see in the country to end the rule of the interest of the few elites over the rights of the masses.

“We must sweat a little so that our exertions can and must   retrieve our national political life from the clutches of those who are intent on weakening our nation’s dedication to the principles of social justice, accountability and popular democracy. And who over the years have instituted by design a culture of elitism, impunity and hostility to the grassroots, the common man and the founding principles of our party,” he noted.

He called for the reinvigoration of the inherent but lost principles of the NDC tradition of a down to top approach to development by empowering the grassroots with organizational skills and the principles of integrity to be ready for power. According to him, real democracy, national self-reliance, social justice and fairness in the country can only be achieved when the grassroots are organized, educated and totally mobilized for such a just cause.

“We must through our determined effort unlock the vast energy, sense of justice and organizational ability of our youth, our women and all of us who thirst for a vibrant and prosperous Ghana. Our determination to engage in a sustained struggle to construct a fairer more equitable society built on the principles of social justice, accountability and self-reliance must not waver in the coming days, months and years as we launch the renewal and revival of our party on this difficult but fulfilling journey.”

As a strategist who formed the cornerstone of the party during its formation, Goosie Tanoh hopes to engineer the change he is yearning for through the vehicle of the Organizing for Ghana (OfG) movement which is mobilizing the grassroots for empowerment for change and to be ready for power.

OfG is a platform for NDC progressive activists who want fundamental change in the party to achieve wider fundamental change in the country. According to the convener of the movement, Abdul Alidu Nasar, they want to build a positive political culture of volunteerism, activism, participation and accountability in the NDC and reset the relationship with the Ghanaian public to one of trust.

“We want to win national and local government office, and lead Ghanaians to dismantle all political, economic and social barriers to development and prosperity. The national democratic transformation is the party’s mission.” He told the gathering delegates, party foot soldiers and party communicators at the conference.

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