Government has begun removing graphic pictures and videos of Capt Mahama

The government has begun removing graphic pictures and videos capturing the gruesome murder of Captain Adam Mahama from all social media sites.

The government has already shutdown some internet links that have uploaded the photos and videos of the gruesome lynching.

Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah, reveals government is further collaborating with the National Communications Authority (NCA), local telecom operators, Facebook and Google to remove the graphic materials.

Captain Maxwell Mahama of the 5 Battalion Infantry was lynched and his body burnt by a mob in the Central Regional District of Upper Dankyira West.

“There have been four URLs that have been blocked on YouTube and other social media. However, there are a lot of these videos and lot of these units so as they are being blocked, new ones are being brought back,” he said.

He adds, “we are working closely with Google, we are working with Facebook and this is something that we doing proactively.”

Government has also cautioned that persons who continue the circulation of the graphic content risk getting prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the family of late Captain Maxwell Mahama who was lynched at Denkyira-Obuasi has called on Ghanaians to stop sharing videos and photos of the deceased.

They say people should be responsible and respect the sensibilities of family members by not sharing and showing the photos and videos of the dastardly act.

In a press release Thursday, Douri Bennin Haji, who signed on behalf of the family said “we take solace in the outpouring of outrage by millions of well-meaning Ghanaians. At the same time, we are hurt that some Ghanaians are sharing images of our son in his lowest moment.”

“By Sissala tradition, and we believe many other groups, the dead is treated with utmost respect,” the statement added.

The family says sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and the likes makes them feel very sad.

During former President John Mahama’s visit to commiserate with the family, the family head asked government to step in to help pull down the videos and pictures.

“We are not happy the way the videos and pictures are shared on social media. After the Manchester Arena bombing, we did not see any images and videos being circulated on YouTube, but our late son’s visuals are all over social media. This has got the family crying,” he said.


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