Government’s intervenes to end Strike by Ghana Association of LPG Operators

The Ghana Association of LPG operators (GLiPGOA) has called off their strike, following government’s intervention.

The group declared an indefinite strike which began on Monday May 21,2018 in protest of government’s decision to implement a Cylinder Redistribution Module.

The strike action resulted in the frustration of thousands of LPG consumers were at gas stations across the country.

The Association, despite the frustrations of LPG customers, ignored all attempts to meet with authorities because they say in the past, the government failed to accept their suggestions regarding the programme.

President of the Ghana LPG Operators association, Torgbui Adaklu V said all efforts by GLiPGOA to have authorities listen to them proved futile, so they had no option than to cease operations to press home their demands.

But the association called off the strike on Wednesday after a meeting with the Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko.

Spokesperson for group, Gabriel Kumi, said the association “did not want to stress their consumers who were struggling because of the strike.”


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