Greedy Osafo Maafo, stop annoying Ghanaians

“My ‘highly qualified’ sons topped SSNIT, NCA interviews”

The above is Mr Osafo Maafo’s defense in response to criticisms in connection with the unprecedented nepotism and cronyism which is characteristic of the current Akufo-Addo’s government as published by Oh really? Mr Senior Minister. What do you mean by your statement that your “highly qualified” sons topped the recruitment interviews by SSNIT and NCA for which reason they are working as senior officials of these public institutions?

Mr Senior Minister, could you please make available to the public detailed better and further evidence to back this erroneous claims? Perhaps your maybe right. Maybe your two sons were the only applicants who came from the ‘resource regions’ in Ghana according to your own 2015 classification of Ghana on the basis of ‘natural resources’.

That’s an interesting excuse to use to justify this shameful practice of unprecedented and unregulated nepotism and cronyism under the current NPP government.

Granted that your sons were truly ‘highly qualified’, does it mean that they were the only ‘highly qualified’ Ghanaians even among NPP members who applied for the these jobs at SSNIT and NCA?

Anyway, Mr Osafo Marfo is the same person who once told other ‘highly qualified’ young unemployed Ghanaians to stop looking for job opportunities in the public sector, according him the public sector was choked and even needed possible retrenchment. So how come that he never gave this advice first of all to his two sons?

Mr Osafo Maafo never ceases to amaze right thinking Ghanaians with his usual bizarre deductive logic.

This is the same man who was caught on tape in February 2015, instigating NPP people who he described as inhabitants or natives from areas he himself described as resource regions against President Mahama and others who come from regions Mr Osafo Marfo described as non-resource regions such as northern region, Upper East Region, Upper West Region , Greater Accra, Volta Region etc.

According to Mr Osafo Maafo, it didn’t matter how ‘highly qualified’ citizens from these regions were in terms of academic and constitutional standards, his only criteria as qualification to occur the highest office of Ghana was to be a native or an indigene of regions he described as ‘resource regions’.

Is there any wonder that Ghana is where it’s today in terms of socioeconomic progress and development 62 years after Independence? If Mr Osafo Maafo and all those who think like him are the very people managing the affairs of this country, how can Ghana it needed development?. Mr Osafo Marfo is NOT just an ordinary citizen.

He has occupied several privileged positions in the past and even presently. So his view points and ‘line’ of thinking are very important given the kind of important positions he has occurred as way of his contributions to make Ghana developed.

One time finance minister under president Kuffuor from 2001-2005.
Minister for Sports 2005-2006.
One time MP for Akim Oda from 1997-2009.
And one time NPP flagbearer aspirant in 2007 and now Senior Minister under Akufo-Addo’s corrupt family and friends government.

I remember vividly the answer he gave when he appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee (Vetting Cttee of Parliament) as Senior Minister designate (Nominee). His views were sought about Ghana’s 40-year National Development Plan which was put together by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) under the NDC and currently headed by another bizarre personality in the category of Mr Osafo Maafo, thus Prof. Stephen Addei. Mr Osafo Maafo said that he didn’t believe in any national development plan which spans beyond 10 years.

The answer he gave in 2017 during his vetting clearly exposed how greedy and wicked Mr Osafo Maafo is. Considering his age, what his answer simply meant was that, it was not necessary or important to take in consideration the plight of future generations in planning for Ghana. All that he cared about was for his own benefit and perhaps his two sons and other cronies.

Strangely, this is the same person who is expected the coordinate all the economic sectors of Ghana within the public sector.

Are you therefore surprised to see the wanton dissipation of state resources under Corruption Clearing Agent Nana Addo and his bloated government for the benefit of the family and friends?

Are you surprised that same Mr Osafo Maafo is being ‘chased’ by the hard working auditor General Mr Daniel Domelevo over the former’s fictitious and questionable payment of $1million dollars or Ghc5.5 million equivalent to C55 billion cedis he made to Kroll and Associates?

Well, Mr Osafo Marfo, his cohorts especially the 51 family and friends appointees under Akufo-Addo and the NPP must credit the rest of Ghanaians with some bit of intelligence. Indeed the rest of Ghanaians do not carry chalk dust in our skulls, we have brains matter just like any of them.

If a single relative appointee under President Mahama was high crime against Ghana despite the fact that, the person in question at the time was more than qualified for the job she was appointed to do, then Ghanaians should be demanding nothing than immediate block resignation by Akufo-Addo and his family and friends appointees government particularly when the current president, his Vice President Bawumia, Prof Stephen Addei etc made this subject a big issue in 2016 and even after swearing in, Dr Bawumia was still making reference to their false and hate campaign accusations against President Mahama.

Greedy Osafo Maafo must stop annoying Ghanaians.

I am a citizen.

By Baba Musah

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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