He rode at the back of lofty promises – to create heaven on earth but now delivering deception

As enshrined in the directive principle of the state policy (chapter 6 of the 1992 constitution), it was abundantly made clear & it’s binding on every government to continue projects and programmes initiated by the previous administration – as the government is in a continuum, for value for money for the poor taxpayer. Forward-looking as framers of our constitution were, for value for money, knew a day may come, where a reckless person like Nana Addo may be at the helm of affairs,…

Today they are proven right. That provision was abandoned like the way he had abandoned most of the visionary socio-economic projects of JDM and even appropriating some of these JDM legacy projects to himself. Just a cursory look;

Tepa hospital, JDM Project. He (Nana Addo) was exposed!
YES hqtrs, JDM Project. He was exposed!
Kejetia market, JDM Project. He was exposed!

He was throwing his weight about of gifting Ghanaians with free water? Ask him, since he became president, how many litter not gallon has he added to the drinking water supply? 0.00%, courtesy “party nu hia sika”. He has even destroyed our water bodies through galamsey, whereas, JDM moved water coverage from 67 to 89%, representing the year 2012 to 2016.

They’re claiming ownership of JDM legacy project, the biggest Data Center in the whole of West Africa, which they had no idea of how it was built and completed.

He abandoned all Mahama’s E. block projects which are now overgrown by weeds. If he had continued in that fashion, we wouldn’t be struggling with traffic light double-track system.

He abandoned all Cocoa roads started by Mahama except that of kyebi.

JD Mahama’s ‘NOT FOR SALE’ Fertilizers were for free distribution to all COCOA farmers. Nana Addo and his cabals removed the ‘NOT’ and were selling them within and outside the country, while some got expired and was disposed off with impunity.

They’re claiming ownership of JDM legacy project, UGMC which they had no idea how it was built and completed.

They’re claiming ownership of JDM legacy project, Dodowa hospital which they had no idea how it was built and completed. I can go on and on…

…what they should be aware of is that they’ve no track records in building huge infrastructural projects. Rather, what they’ve competence in is the building of non-existent KVIP toilets, borrowing for consumption, borrowing from either hairdressing or barbering salon, PDS, kelni GVG, Kroll and Associate. And successfully moving CORRUPTION hqtrs to Ghana. Check the scores from the corruption perception index.

My Brothers and sisters, we can’t continue this way.

Our destinies are in our hands. We can’t allow Nana Addo to waste our youthfulness.

Ghana has been poised for so long.
We should be in full flight.

Over 140 billion borrowed with absolutely nothing to show for, no, no, governance is a serious business. We must retire grandpa to go and babysit his grandchildren.

Free primary health care is here finally.

Thank you!

Author: Zoom K Quality

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