Hello to my Family and Friends Headmaster

Dear President Nana Addo,

Greetings from Binduri. Its been more than a year since Ahmed Suale, an investigative journalist, one of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ associates, was wickedly assassinated by government sponsored insipid goons. Till date, justice has not been served the family of the deceased and as a citizen not a spectator I wish to know what’s happening!

Who killed Ahmed Suale?

What investigations has gone into unearthing the enemies of Ghana who carried out the wicked act?

And will the late Suale ever get justice to rest in peace?

How did the police investigator handling the case get sent on peacekeeping duties outside the country silently?

In case you don’t know where to start from, Kennedy Agyapong should be your first point of contact. Kennedy Agyapong openly declared him as an enemy who should be killed wherever he is found and that he would in turn reward handsomely any one that attacks in defence of your bossom friend Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, who doubles as his friend and a financier of your party.

Since when has fighting, naming and shaming corrupt individuals or government officials become a crime punishable by death?

May I remind you of your promise to vigilant citizens who fight against corruption in your government when you were then an opposition leader?

When you vote for me I will use Anas principles to fight corruption were your very words.

After getting our votes, Anas and his boys no longer have a secured life, Ahmed was murdered in cold blood and Manasseh Azure Awuni silenced and Edward Adeiti fleeing Bolgatanga to save his life!

How far with your fight against corruption? I can see corruption is now fighting you, and you corruptibly seem so clueless about what to do.

Of course that is because you are deeply involved and very corrupt and a key beneficiary of the loot of our resources by your cousins in government.

Ghanaians have lost track of the number of corruption scandals in your government, the scandals far outweigh your achievements if there are any at all to consider.

There has been a mass proliferation of corruption scandals and the only competition to corruption is slay queening ever since you assumed power.

Mr. President, please do you have some little shame in you. Enough of the loot of our resources.

Enough of Oslo Chancery deals, enough of PDS condition precedent changed to condition subsequent deals.

Enough of GPS leapfrogging deals, enough of drones deals, enough oooo biko, enough.

How H.E. Dr. Bawumia, a fully fledged economist, out of the blue, metamorphosed into an IT expert in government remains a mysteriously mysterious mystery except to say he doesn’t want to miss out on the loot, and the only way is to abandon economics.

Time reveals everything indeed, and this time it has revealed the drunken lifestyle of the Napoleon who advised all animals to stop sleeping on bedsheets suddenly finding it convenient dorning suite and drinking whisky, a classic case of some animals are more equal than others.

To my fellow patriots, there is only one way to stop the state sponsored assassinations of media men and women, only one way we can register our displeasure for the excessive stealing happening in Nana Akuffo Addo’s administration, one one way to fight against nepotism, unemployment, lies and treachery.


Let’s organise ourselves against corruption and state sponsored assassinations of media men and women, let’s mobilise ourselves against the state sponsored assassinationsof media men and women, let’s never forgive them and let’s never forget their names! Else Ahmed Suale died in vain.

Despots must fall! VIVA!

Change has come indeed and I am gritting my teeth and shaking my damned head in utmost shock!

Then again, this is what you should expect when you send the monkey to meat market.

It is well 🙏

The Spokeman of the Binduri Spirits
#Assibid Dauda

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