“Help them” – The Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps are developing their struggle to regain their rights

from the leadership gang of the Polisario Front.


A new era in the Tindouf camps, whose heroes are the camp residents, after nearly half a century of waiting for the international community and relying on it to end their suffering on Algerian soil, and after long years of siege, injustice, killing, theft of aid and starvation of the population, without the slightest international intervention, and after thousands of letters, complaints, demonstrations and protests that did not give a result, and it was unable to move the humanitarian organizations to stop supporting the Polisario leadership gang, or at least for the organizations to take responsibility for distributing aid instead of the Polisario leadership.

After all of the above, and for fear of waiting for the unknown, the Sahrawis started a new form of struggle, in a battle to regain their rights with their own hands, and organized in human groups according to categories and ages to expose the Polisario gang.

A while ago, groups worked to prevent the exchange of power between Polisario officials after the last conference. Other groups prevented the organization of activities and celebrations in a number of states and the official events of the

Polisario Front.

Today, here is a large group of young people, who decided to search and self investigate the ways of smuggling fuel from the camps by the smuggling networks, and after a long tracking and monitoring, the operation resulted in stopping a truck owned by a senior leader named “Salem Labsir”, the right arm of the leader of the Polisario, “Ibrahim Ghali.” The youth group filmed the truck to expose smuggling and theft methods in the camps.

This militant step came, days after the scandal of a fire at a fuel sales station, which was set on fire by unknown persons, and the camera recordings were destroyed, in new evidence of security chaos, and the conflict between fuel merchants and smuggling networks, which are active with the knowledge of the Algerian regime, as Algeria is the one that finances Tindouf camps with fuel, and Algeria is covering up the theft of fuel and smuggling it to neighboring regions, in what appears to be indirect support from Algeria in favor of the Polisario leadership gang.

The popular struggle in the camps is an important step, and it will have an impact on the fate of the Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps, and it needs international support, as well as a human rights and media cover that sheds light on this struggle and collective awareness, and also needs marketing and circulation to support the liberation steps led by the camp residents by all means.

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