Here are Akufo-Addo and the NPP Government’s Major Achievements in 13 months 

1. NPP government has upped the country’s foreign reserve from less than $6 billion to $8 billion.

2. $300 million saved by reviewing and prioritizing Power Purchase Agreements

3. Secured financing for two major rural electrification projects (Hunan and China Water). This project when implemented would extend electricity to over 800 communities.

4. Transparent allocation of petroleum blocks: A team of experts has been constituted to work with the Petroleum Commission to develop regulations for the transparent allocation of petroleum blocks as provided by Act 919

5. Government has awarded a contract for the capacity building of 1,400 teachers/education leaders in ICT to be undertaken by Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT.

6. Awarded contract for Information Management System for Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.

7. Awarded contract for Case Management System for Judicial Service of Ghana. Software being installed now.

8. Contract awarded for E-Procurement system for use by the Public Procurement Authority.

Fishing Industry :

9. Spread the allocation of premix fuel to more OMCs. Previously only 2 OMCs were allowed to sell premix. As part of government’s effort to ensure transparency and stamp out corruption, we have increased the number to 9.

10. Halted the issuance of fishing licenses to stop overfishing.

11. Trained Watch dog committees along the coast to fight the menace of light fishing.

12. New policy on sulfur content introduced. Effective1st July, the sulfur content in our fuel will be reduced from the current 3,000pmm to 50pmm. This will reduce respiratory diseases triggered by fuel toxins with high sulfur content. Same level as western world and East African countries.

13. For new PPAs, Government is moving from thermal to renewable energy.

14. Renewed focus on Railway: There was no allocation to the sector in the 2016 budget. However in 2017, Ghs518 million has been allocated to the sector.

15. Ghana Railway Company is now generating enough revenue to pay their salaries.

Social Sector achievements :

16. Free SHS : Redefined Basic Education to include SHS and made allocation of Ghs 400 million in the budget to start free SHS for first year students in September 2017.

17. Completed draft bill for the National Research Fund.

18. Increased National Service Allowance effective April from Ghs 350 to Ghs 559.

19. Allocated Ghs 43.9 million for the establishment of a National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan.

Health :

20. Students allowances restoration

21. No payment of fees by health workers for promotion interviews

22. No payment of fees by health workers for study leave forms

23. No payment of fees by health workers for conversion / upgrade forms

25. Payment of tier 2 pension fund has been encouraging

26. NHIS claims payment has been encouraging, and measures have been put in place to clear the arrears in batches. Hopefully by 2020 NHIS arrears will be a thing of the past as we prepare for “Ghana beyond aid”

27. Issues with unpaid salaries for 2 years is no more under this government

28. Enrolled nurses and community nurses first promotion is now after 3 years under this government, unlike the previous government that you work for 5 years before you get your first promotion

29. 11,000 health trainees who graduated between 2012 and 2016 have been employed

30. Free combined Maternal and Child Health Record books for all pregnant women (distribution about to start)

31. Reduced cost of nursing training admission forms from Ghs 160 to Ghs 100. This will cover all processes leading to admission -Restored nursing training allowance.

32. 181 Doctors who completed their housemanship early last year have been employed

33. Free Medical Screening for free SHS students


34. Completed appointment of Ministers within 6 weeks of coming into office.

35. All ministers have declared their assets. -Established a functional Delivery Unit at the Presidency.

36. Established a functional Economic Management Team.

37. Established a policy not to buy new cars for government machinery.

Local Government

38. Increased the proportion of DACF that goes directly to assemblies from 33% to 50% as a result of fewer deductions from the centre Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs

Zongo and Inner City Development

39. Completed the draft bill for the historic Zongo Development Fund and made an allocation of Ghs 219 million for the fund.

40. Established Ministry of Zongo and Inner City Development: For the first time in the history of Ghana, Government has appointed a minister to focus on the needs and infrastructural demands of the Zongos around the country Accountability achievements

41. Policy approval given to establish the Office of the Special Prosecutor. Work on draft bill is in progress.

42. State prosecutors had been on strike since November of 2016 which crippled the justice system. The AG office successfully negotiated with the state attorneys who have since resumed work

43. Successfully freed up AG’s account that the courts had garnisheed.


44. Capped electricity power purchases at 10 cents per KwH.

45. Established policy to separate VRA’s thermal operations from hydro.

46. Established a policy to move all major government buildings, schools, hospitals, military, and police to solar energy.

47. Uninterrupted production of oil and gas in the Jubilee Field due to a temporary mooring solution. A long term permanent solution is being discussed. This solution has saved Government USD 5million per month.


48. Established the Office of Diaspora Affairs within the Office of the President.

49. Worked with international bodies to secure election of three Ghanaian nationals to high profile positions within the African Union System, Hon. Kwesi Quartey (Deputy Chairperson of the African Union), Ms. Kathleen Quartey-Ayensu (Member of the AU Commission on International Law), Mr. Daniel Batidam (AU Anti-Corruption Board).

Gender and Social Protection

50. Established the first government adult shelter to support victims of human trafficking. There is one for victims of domestic abuse but this is the first ever shelter dedicated to victims of human trafficking.

51. Established a revolving Ghs 500,000 human trafficking fund.

52. Made budgetary allocation to expand LEAP to cover more beneficiaries, from 213,000 to 350,000 households who had been captured but not catered for.

Special initiatives

53. Funds allocated allocated to undertake the One-Village-One-Dam project.

54. Completed draft bills for the establishment of the three Development Authorities.

55. Desilting of major drains in Accra has started. Work had stalled due to arrears owed to contractors.

56. All allowances due soldiers at the various missions have been fully paid. $39 million LMK iin arrears have also been paid.

57. Peacekeeping allowance increased and paid from $31 to $35.

58. Successfully participated in ECOMIG Operations (GAMBIA): We moved away from “dzi wo fie asem” and actively participated in the restoration of democracy in Gambia while helping to ensure peace and stability in that country

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