Hohoe to Jasikan Road is now a nightmare – Drivers

The major road linking Hohoe to Jasikan in the Volta Region is currently in its worst form ever and both motorists and pedestrians are anguishing in pain over long neglect.

The situation, according to passengers traveling from Hohoe to Kadjebi gets even worse anytime it rains and they attribute it to the absence of drainage systems.

Some of the drivers using the road from Hohoe to Jasikan told ghananewsonline.com.gh that they feel neglected by successive governments.

They say they are now finding it extra difficult using the road due to its deplorable nature.

Residents sometimes block the road and so the drivers had to the long distance of driving through Kpando before getting to Hohoe.

“The road has become like ghost to some of us. When it rains then using that road becomes headache to drivers. The main road has more than five links to some of the regions in the country,” a driver stated.

Meanwhile, due to its short distance most trucks from Burkina Faso, Niger and the Northern part of Ghana use that part of the road than the Tamale- Kumasi stretch.

According to some of the residents nearly every aspect of life in the predominantly cocoa-farming and timber producing towns is affected by the nature of the road.(Jasikan, SantroKofi, Akpafu, Likpe, Lolobi and Hohoe), have been impacted negatively by the road situation.

Source: ghananewsonline.com.gh

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