How much do you pay to God as Consultation Fees – Pastor asks

The Head Pastor at the Santa Maria Branch of the Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), Pastor Thomas Quayson, has requested his fellow Pastors to disclose how much they pay God for His grace and gift granted them after they take money from their church members as consultation fees before attending to them.

The Pastor who said, he feels ashamed of such act urged his colleague Pastors to desist from taking such monies since they paid nothing for the gift of Grace granted them by God almighty.

According to Pastor Thomas Quayson, who made this statement in an interview with at his church on Monday, the consultation fee is not the right way for Pastors to take monies from their church members.

“It is bad for a true Man of God who believes in the discipleship of Christ Jesus to take money before availing himself to help address problems confronting humankind, how much did you pay to God or Jesus Christ for the spiritual gifts given to you”.

He questioned what these men of God use the monies taken from the church members for

“What do you use these monies for, how much do you pay Jesus Christ for his dying and resurrection on the third day which has given us an occupation to enroll ourselves as teachers, prophets, pastors of the Gospel. And how much do you give God as his share of the consultation money taken for allowing his only begotten son to be used as sacrifice for what he has not done”.

Pastor Quayson explained that most Pastors are hiding behind the Bible to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary of the people, buying luxurious cars, building mansions for themselves and their families, investing these stolen monies into private businesses, among others.

He said these Pastors have positioned themselves claiming they have the solutions to every problem, forgetting that it is only God who gives those gift and He does that for free without requesting for a pesewa from whoever He gifts.

” You will hear Pastors claiming to be very powerful and that they do have solutions to every problem confronting human kind, even if that is true the question is from where did you acquire such power, if only it is from God then you are not expected to take a pesewa from anybody you help with the gift as the Bible has said, it was given without cost so you should also give without charging a pesewa from anybody who requested for your service within the limit of the gift of God.

The Man of God ceased the opportunity to advise:

“Pastors should make good use of the tithe offering which is in the perimeters of the Bible by educating members of their Church to understand why they are to pay tithes and the blessings in store for them after paying tithe offering, since that is the only approved way you can take money for the development of the church and your personality as a man of God and even that you don’t force”.

He also charged Christians and those who always jump on Pastors to pay consultation fees to remember that God works with time and no human can perform a miracle in your life if God has not granted your request sighting Abram and Sarah as a example saying “God then knew how Abram and Sarah were in need of a child and on a number of occasions has promised Abram of becoming the father of nations, this did happened at God’s own appointed time. It is the same today and all we need is to have faith in God and stop paying monies to people in the name of seeking God’s face which sometimes yield no results”.

Source: William Dei-Gyau

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