How the Ranking Member on Parliament’s Finance Committee Ato Forson deflated Dr Bawumia’s “Economic Ego” yesterday

There are quite a number of technically gifted Economics and Finance experts in this Country who have been slaughtered on the altar of eloquence because of their apparent non indulgence in Propaganda.

One of such persons is Seth Tekper, the former Finance Minister and the other is Ato Forson the current ranking member of the finance committee of Parliament.

Over time we have glorified talkers who cannot back their own self espoused ego with tangible economic management success but are quick to jump on a propaganda train and tickle themselves in quite an arrogant manner boasting “We are better managers of the economy” …ofcourse they are better managers of the economy of their own pockets not the pockets of Ghanaians.

Yesterday it was awesome spectacle when Hon Ato Forson climbed the stage and within 10 minutes he has deflated Dr.Bawumiah’s self aggrandised economic ego.

Like I have said, when someone is speaking the language of Economics, it is purely data analysis and not talks which are not backed with facts.

In the end the Ranking Member, painted a gloomy but true picture of our korshiorkor-like economy.

An economy being fed with all the goodies in the stomach[consumption] leaving the important areas like the brain of the economy [capital expenditure] with little attention.

Never seen anyone paint a vivid picture of our economy with such an illustrative, realistic, self explanatory diagram.

By now Dr. Bawumiah should be extremely ashamed that with all the plenty talks in opposition his legacy as far as economic management is concerned is a Korshiorkor Economy.

Well I won’t blame him much, you can’t hand over such a sensitive economy to a talkertive Economist whose PhD thesis was on Elections rather than an actual Economic Research.

If the guy couldn’t trust himself to do an economic thesis, how can you trust him to manage a full economy?

But on a more serious note, Government must respond to the allegations of data manipulations by the Minority.

This is the third forum which the Minority has raised this issue of criminal and integrity consequences but not a word from government to respond to these allegations.

These are sensitive issues that can affect the economy in the medium to long term and government cannot be dead silence on these allegations.

As usual someone should be bold enough to come out and deny these allegations… but obviously not Kojo Oppong Nkrumah please, he is an overused life line…smh!

By Mensah Thompson
Executive Director ASEPA

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