I will always choose Mr Mahama over Akufo-Addo

And these were the words of a man of God i revere and respect highly- “they thought they were destroying Mahama. While they ended up destroying themselves and the nation Ghana. My pastor is the quiet and reserved type who hardly comment on political issues. He surprised all around when he openly commented on happenings back in Ghana.

According to the man of God, the leadership style of the President and his party is “lily- livered” and weak. “I think they are the most unprincipled group of people. They are lily-livered, and cannot run any organization. The whole country is collapsing under them. The President cannot control anybody. In fact, he is now encouraging and accepting rogue elephants, pampering people who are destroying the country. I think the President is weak, he is too compromising and he is certainly a failure as far as i am concerned said my pastor. This was the answer he gave when one of our members who seemed worried asked him to explain his outburst further, “This government is being too reckless. The President not wanting to ruffle feathers. May be that’s why they’re politicians and in government but trust me, if this attitude in government continue, we shall soon start wailing and going back to Ghana will become the most dangerous journey to make. We are dealing with people who are self centered and filled with pride and arrogance; they cannot face the righteous he said.

Ghana is “dying” under Akufo-Addo. Today the whistle blower will become the convict while the exposed thieves will stay in the Flagstaff House as villains waxing strong on the spoils of wanton loyalty. More distasteful is the fact that there is no mouthpiece of the public spearheading the expression of outrage. All the neutrals, pressure groups, men of God and critics of the last administration have gone on sabbatical while their leaders ride high on borrowed time. There is an obvious establishmentarian conspiracy to kill the momentum on exposing and fighting corruption. The media have gone dumb for reasons unknown. Not even reputable investigative outlets have shown any interest whatsoever, in authentically picking on corruption allegations and revelations.

Did I hear the former President has been accused of spending state resources to renovate a state facility in his hometown? Isn’t that childish and doesn’t the allegation exposes the leadership weakness my pastor mentioned. When did rehabilitation of state assets become a criminal act in our criminal code.

The President has disappointed his followers including myself. It is all about powerful political speeches as if the country is still in a campaign season. He makes sporadic speeches touching on matters on piecemeal basis. President Mahama just like Nkrumah, showed that authority is more earned than granted. He identified his gifts, strength and limitations as captured in his book (my first coup d’etat). And also identified limitations of those he governed. He led by example and always motivated Ghanaians with his perfect communication skills. What are we seeing under Akufo-Addo. He delegates poorly and micro managing serious national issues. He prefer to keep things as they are, even if the system is not working that well and following the well- worn path.

Ghana is sick under Akufo-Addo, the country is gradually hitting the point of no return, you can feel and see tension all over, the masses are angry and others still struggling to manage their shattered expectations. Indiscipline and impunity have become the order of the day and the president and his team are managing affairs of state as of Ghana has been sold to them permanently. We see them in London, we monitor their movements and operations and we ask ourselves, where is the “incorruptible leader”. I have regretted my attacks on the Mahama administration, I feel weakened whenever I read over my long write-ups against the Mahama administration. All Nkrumahists must rise up against these oppressors. Nkrumah liberated Ghana and it is time his soldiers rise up against the imperialists and their agents

By Dr Francisca Ansabea Tawiah

(Member, Convention People’s Party UK)

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