I wish you a New Year filled with the promise of Hope, Love and Prosperity – Kofi Koranteng

I would like to take a few minutes to wish all my fellow Ghanaians a Happy, Prosperous New Year as we enter the year 2021.

I am Kofi Koranteng, a 2020 Independent Candidate who ran for President and was denied access to the ballot by the corruption and fear of the ruling parties.

First let me begin this New Year by expressing my sincerest thanks to all those who supported, volunteered, worked for, and believed in our 2020 campaign of hope.

In saying Thank You, I must begin with my wife, whose sacrifices and encouragement was instrumental in allowing me the time to fight for our Nation.

Along with my wife, I must thank my children, and all the members of my immediate family for believing in me along with carrying forward the message of a free Ghana.

I also must thank my immediate circle of friends who were ready, willing, and able to help at a moments’ notice when needed.

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Thank You to all those who over the years have engaged with me in lively, fruitful discussions that molded the agenda that my Independent Campaign presented in 2020.

Thank you to the Members and Supporters of the Progressive Alliance Movement, who have for years been willing to shine a spotlight on the debauchery of the NDC and NPP.

Thank You to those who stood with me in challenging the Electoral Commission in the High Court of Accra, demanding that ROPPA be implemented.

Thank You to all those who have stood by this people’s Campaign from Day 1 as well as all those who joined along the way.

Thank you to all the Members of the Coalition of Independent Presidential Aspirants, a pivotal organization in solidifying support behind our 2020 Campaign.

I must especially thank, three men, who were viable candidates for President in 2020 and cast aside their egos for the good of the Nation, a vision for the future, and the hopes and promises of Independent, responsible government for the people of Ghana.

These three men removed themselves from contention in 2020 to support and coalesce behind one campaign for the good of our Ghana.

Thank You Mr. Carl Morgan, Mr. Onipayede Ossom Teye, and Mr. Samuel Ofori Ampofo.

Your counsel, support, encouragement, and sacrifices will always be remembered and appreciated.

It is men like you who fill me with the drive to continue in the face of insurmountable adversity.

Together as a Campaign determined to change the face of Ghana, free it from corruption, and guide it to a prosperous future, we made the ruling parties take notice.

They could not write us off as another inconsequential campaign, so the NDC and NPP pulled out the stops and used their EC cronies to find a way to remove us from the ballot.

In preparing the 2020 Campaign, we presented a viable, detailed platform of reform, change and vision to recharge the light of Ghanaian Democracy.

We anticipated every action that would be taken against us.

Unfortunately, a corrupt and powerful government has many weapons in their quiver.

Of course, we are all disappointed that the 2020 Campaign for President was derailed by the corruption of our Government Officials before we could begin to calculate the numbers of those who wanted to vote for our vision.

However, as we open a new chapter in history, 2021, I am encouraged, determined, ready, willing, and able to continue the fight for the survival of our Nation.

Campaign 2020 did not fulfill our dreams, but it did open many doors.

Throughout Campaign 2020 we met many new friends, formed alliances, strengthened the ties that bind us as a people and shared our dreams.

Many years ago, when the seeds of running for President of Ghana were planted in my head, I dreamed a DREAM that Ghana would be the most prosperous, progressive nation on the Continent of Africa.

Throughout Campaign 2020 I met many people who told me of their dreams.

It seems we are all having the same dream.

So, I say to you today, we must continue to work for our dreams.

Each of us must be in each other’s dream.

It is with this dream of a free, independent, prosperous Ghana whose government is guided by love that I announce to you today that Campaign 2020 has not died but rather it has been reborn as Campaign 2024.

Let today be the day that together we launch Campaign 2024 to continue the fight for the soul of our Nation.

Let us learn from Campaign 2020 and be prepared for every obstacle which the NPP and NDC will place before us to protect their government of corruption.

Let us pledge to unite for the fight to unshackle Ghana from the corruption of ruling parties who use our Nation’s wealth and our people’s labor to feed their personal bank accounts living in luxury while Ghanaians suffer.

Together we must be ever present watchdogs who are ready to challenge every corrupt act that the government proposes.

We must strengthen and evolve the platform of Campaign 2020 with new energy, support, and ideas as we launch Campaign 2024.

Although the results of Election 2020 are not a cause to celebrate in this new year of 2021, let us not be discouraged.

Let us look to the new year of 2021 as the rebirth of our collective dream for Ghana.

In Campaign 2020 I shared my dream for a Ghana with a streamlined government free from corruption dedicated to offering opportunities to all its citizens.

I learned during Campaign 2020, that across the 16 regions of our beloved land, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandfathers and grandmothers, chiefs, farmers, fisherman, laborers, teachers, police officers and Ghanaians from every walk of life had the same dream.

Let us commit to one another today that each of us will allow the other to be in each other’s dream.

Collectively let us unite to fight for a common dream which will offer ourselves, our children and future generations of Ghanaians a Nation that is a glistening beacon of freedom, innovation, prosperity, democracy, opportunity, hope and love on the African Continent.

In wishing you all a Happy New Year, I invite each of you to join us in our New Vision for Ghana (NVG)Movement, (https://kofikoranteng.com/nvg-movement/) Campaign 2024 where together we will share each other’s dreams.

Kwame Nkrumah once said, ““I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”

Today I say to you, “I am Ghana, You are Ghana, We are Ghana because we dream together of a Nation of Greatness. Let each of us nurture each other’s dreams.”

Thank You to all. I wish you all a New Year filled with the promise of hope, love and prosperity.

Kofi Koranteng
The Dreamer




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