IDEA Africa launches its 15th Library

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On Sunday March 3, 2019, IdeaAfrica celebrated the completion of its 15th Library project at the Have Roman Catholic Basic School in the Volta Region of Ghana. Have is a town situated about 100km from the capital Ho. The launch followed a three-day intensive work by the organizations team of volunteers to get the library into shape.

The library launch is in line with IdeaAfrica’s promotion of literacy by ensuring that, all school growing children everywhere have access to libraries for studies. Across Sub Sahara Africa, 22% of children are likely to be out of school and out of the 78% that might be in school, access to conducive learning environments including libraries are rare. The situation is dire in rural areas that are characterized by slow or non-existent infrastructural development. Addressing this shortfall, IdeaAfrica has championed the rehabilitation and building of libraries across the country.

The Have library, the 15th of its kind is expected to serve as a learning center for children in and around the community. Its shelves are stocked with 3,650 books, donated text and reference books as well as several collection of story books aimed instilling in the kids the love for reading. A unique feature of the Have library is its Creative arts corner. An area that allows kids to explore their creativity through arts and simple inventions.

The Director of Idea Africa, Kafui Honu expressed gratitude to Meeting Bismarck Foundation and the LFS 2 for their support in bringing the dream of the Have library to life. He also expressed profound appreciation to the team of volunteers who worked tirelessly over three days to get the library ready for use as well as donors and partners who show interest in the promotion of literacy in Ghana. We are looking forward a country where every child regardless of their geographical location or family status, has equal access to quality education so they can have a second chance to dream again and see their dreams to come true.”

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