“I’m seeing someone…we’ve been together for almost two years and he’s not Ghanaian” Y. Okoro

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Actress Yvonne Okoro has shot down rumours that she ever dated Stephen Appiah; Black Stars former Captain.

On Ghana’s Social Media, the two were rumored to be dating and were even seen kissing sometime back at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

But reacting to these allegations and claims on the ‘Delay Show’ the maverick actress said “It’s funny for me because, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this and it will obviously not be the last. I’ve met Stephen Appiah’s wife before. He, together with his kids, came on the season one of my ‘Dinning with Yvonne Okoro’ show because I wanted to feature his daughter on the show”.

“Stephen Appiah is like a family friend. I didn’t call Stephen Appiah for my father’s birthday, my father called Stephen to come. Why because, Stephen Appiah manages my brother. My brother is a footballer; Kenneth Okoro. We built a friendship, he’s that type of person I can call and sometimes, he calls me when he hears something negative about me to tell me to be careful.”

“They are liars! People can see two people hugging and say they’re kissing or having sex. They can see two people holding hands and go like oh my goodness, there’s a relationship.”

The actress disclosed that he Is currently dating a man who she is pleased with but indicated that he is not Ghanaian.

“I’m seeing someone…we’ve been together for almost two years and he’s not Ghanaian.”

source: mynewsgh.com

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