In his Statement is an Indication that John Mahama Murdered President Atta-Mills?

Before John Mahama promises to investigate the death of JB Danquah, which statement he included in his fraudulent Okadafesto (manifesto), he should investigate the death of President Atta-Mills, who was bundled up in the back of a taxi and deposited at the maternity ward of the 37 military hospital. It still boggles my mind that poor President Atta-Mills’ death remains a mystery with an undisclosed autopsy report that is snoozing in the archives of John Mahama. The actual question is still, “WHO KILLED PRESIDENT MILLS”?

It was said that 15 persons were involved in the strangulation of the poor President, who spoke in his Fante dialect as he took his last breaths, “abdzen abdzen?”! It was also said that he used his next door neighbour’s swimming pool frequently, and the last time that he used it, he cringed as he entered the water. Was it just a coincidence or the water had gotten contaminated by some murderous hands on the blind side of the neighbour?

My disgust lingers in the painful nodes of my being especially that even his brother Cadman did not seem perturbed at all, having gotten even closer to John Mahama. Cadman, who rode the wave with John Mahama let his guard down and allowed the corrupt Bole scarface to storm his conscience! I am not too surprised that John Mahama was lackadaisical about the autopsy report and any further probes because there was no fire burning up his butt.

A couple of days ago, he was in Wa telling people that he should be voted for because he is younger than President Akufo-Addo, who will die before him. Arrogating the superior powers owned solely by ALLAH (GOD) to himself is a clear indication that he is more of a blasphemer than satan itself; that he is so evil-minded that Pharaoh seems to be a student of evil under his stewardship!

If you ask me, someone who can be high on his ego and can make such statements of death wishes on President Akufo-Addo will not waste his time allowing an impediment in his way. President Atta Mills was in his way, so why can’t it be said that John Mahama killed him? It won’t take a ten-year-old child long to even acknowledge that John Mahama could have killed President Atta-Mills, directly or indirectly, given the circumstances and the shadows cast in the sequence of events!

John Mahama, in addition to all his achievements in petulance and nonsense, may just add a feat in murder, human sacrifice, and nocturnal wizardhood, dancing around a bonfire in a bid to lure satan to his table for a “bloody” feast!

I have never met any person touting civility with such a gross and vile character! He seems to support the terrorist chairman of the NDC who vowed to cause mayhem and terrorise NPP followers. John Mahama’s cup is full, but before I end, let him know that life and death are in the hands of the Almighty, and for as long as President Nana Akufo-Addo has submitted his life into the hands of ALLAH, let John Mahama receive the Punishment he deserves.

Recently, on my way to Berekum, I chanced upon a funeral. Some ladies screamed and pulled their hair. I thought that the deceased was young because the wailing was too sorrowful, “awer3how”. Then just slightly ahead, I saw the obituary of the deceased. He was 130 years old. At the next village, there was a “one week celebration” poster that read, “Gone too soon”! I got momentarily confused, but quickly came back to reality because life and death are solely in the hands of ALLAH. In shaa ALLAH, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo will live long.

Shame unto you #JDM for such a dastardly and pedestrian comment. May you remain useless for people to point their fingers at you always and say, “see this useless man”! #GutterMan

#4More4Nana #Round2Loading

By Fadi Dabbousi



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