Be active in your civic responsibilities – Dr. Sikanku to Citizens

Political Communications Analyst, and Director of Centre for Public Discourse Analysis (CPDA), Dr. Etse Sikanku, has advised Ghanaians not to sit aloof but be active in discharging their civic responsibilities as citizens of the country.

Dr. Sikanku made these remarks during a virtual forum organized by the US Embassy in Accra on Friday morning on the topic ‘Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility: Getting the Most From Your Vote’.

Speaking at a virtual forum, Dr. Sikanku noted that, one of the main activities accounting for an active democracy in some democratic advance countries is the people’s engagement in governance.

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Be active in your civic responsibilities - Dr. Sikanku to Citizens
Be active in your civic responsibilities – Dr. Sikanku to Citizens

“I do know that in very advance democracies, one of the things that make their democracy so beautiful, workable and so smooth is not because of the institutions, administration, Politicians, military or people who have power. It is because of the whole idea of civics. The People’s involvement in the business of government…,” he noted.

According to him, if the citizens of the country would pay attention to the idea of civics and not politicians or political parties, then the country will have the kind of government or democracy we want.

The Political communication analyst defined ‘civics responsibility’ as “…being active, involved and participating in the welfare of your community, society and nation. The behaviour, skill, and values by citizens.”

He further explained that, for the country to have a functioning democratic system, the idea of citizens participating in the democratic processes must be greatly upheld.

He emphasized that one huge aspect of civic responsibility is voting in elections, staying informed and contributing to the political process.

He urged Ghanaians to get involved in the electoral process for the general welfare of their communities, societies and the entire nation as a whole while practising good behaviour and values.

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