Incorporate Voters ID Card in the Ghana Card Registration – Edward Mortey

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The newly elected deputy Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro constituency, Edward Mortey, has expressed disappointment in the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the way issues of registration for the Ghana Card is being handled.
According to him, the National Identity Registration has a legal backing under the L.I. 2111 (2012), Act 750, which states that it is mandatory for all Non-Citizens to register. And the pre-requisite for the Ghana card is the birth certificate, passport and any other. He said, “but today what we hear is the birth certificate and the passport, and no any another.”
“My very big question is how many Ghanaians have passport, you need to first have a birth certificate before you have access to passport, a classical example is my village Avee Gbogame in the Ho Central municipality, where we have few men and women with birth certificates and passport, and out of a thousand, only ten will have either of it. With all due respect, what is the government going to do with the remaining part of the L.I which is the “any other”
According to Mr. Mortey, if citizens can use the voters’ ID card to decide who should govern them, then they should equally be able to use it to register for the National ID card, also known as the Ghana Card. “I don’t want to believe invalid voters voted him into office,” he stated.
“The document that will help the citizen to be identified as a citizen with the sovereign authority in him or her is the voters’ ID card, so if the voters ID is not incorporated in the Ghana Card registration, then when it comes to citizens going to make a government where would they be?” he quizzed.
“On the cost of the card, I believe we are going to receive a gold plated cards because if for Christ sakes we are going to use $1.2billion for a card whiles we have at our disposal proposals for same card for $50 million and $155 million. I personally see this as a broad day robbery and licking of state coffers. Nana Addo and his NPP are indeed protecting the public purse,” Edward Mortey said.
He indicated that the Ghana card registration should be boycotted by well meaning Ghanaians because, it is depriving the ordinary Ghana the opportunity to have access to the card. “It is just going to drain our coffers so much that it could equally be urgently used to acquire ambulances for the ailing health centres. This is waste of tax payers money and we will not sit aloof for the government led by the NPP to take us for a ride.”
He’s however calling on the Prof. Ken Attafuah and the NIA for the Amendment of the Act 750 (2008), and ensure that the Voters ID Card is incorporated to the set of Identity Documents required for the registration.
Mr. Mortey therefore, urged all CSOs, Policy Advocacy Groups such as IMANI Africa, CDG Gh, CDD – Ghana, SEND – GHANA, and the Media to also add their voices on the matter to properly consolidate the country’s democracy.
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