Indiscriminate Sale of Land at Gbawe: Chief calls for Government’s intervention

The Chief of Gbawe near Mallam in Accra, Nii Laryea Faamlitie II has called on government to look into the indiscriminate sales of land at Gbawe, that has not only deprived the community of lands for development, but also resulted in the putting up of structures on water ways and wet lands.

A Situation, which, he maintained resulted in flooding of the place at the slightest down pour. Nii Faamlitie pointed out that as a result of these indiscriminate sales, lands meant for market, secondary school and other social facilities have been ripped off by those he described as unauthorized persons.

Nii was however quick in pointing accusing fingers at 95-year old Gyaasitse of the place, Adam Kwateri Quartye and his 36year-old secretary, Solomon Nii Afutu Quartye.

Nii Faamlitie made this chiling revelation when this reporter approached him at his Gbawe Palace last Tuesday July 20th 2018, in the presence of nine of his elders, some of whom made contributions towards the claim. Strangely enough, they would not give their names claiming that once Nii’s name was mentioned it covered them all.


The paper had gathered that the chief had caused the arrest of one Adam Nana, chairman of the Progressive Transport Owners Association (PROTOA) at Mallam Junction about three (3) week earlier for allegedly threatening to kill him, and that the matter had been pending without the accused being processed for court, and was walking a free man.

Alarmed at this development, we made cheeks at the Central Police Station as to where the matter had reached.

It was there that it came to light that both parties – the accused, Adam Nana and Nii Faamlitie had been invited to the station for further interrogation. However, on three occasions, the accused showed up, but Nii failed, hence the seeming delay of the matter.

According to our checks even on Monday, July 23, the two groups were supposed to have met at the station, but the accused showed up and when Nii was called, he promised coming.

However, later calls met “line busy” until after one-over two hours before the line went through, where Nii told them that he had been bereaved so he could not show up that day.

Armed with this information, this paper went to Nii’s palace to find out how far true this was, and why.


It was at this juncture that Nii gathered nine of his elders to speak on the matter. According to him, the first time that they went to the police station, they learned that the crime office had travelled, and that they would go there the coming Thursday, July 26, 2018.

Nii Faamlitie then went on to say that the threat on his life was not the first time, and that it had happened to him before, years back. He indicated that he was at his palace when two informants (whose names he refused to mention), came to tell him that Adam Nana had told them that he would bring land guards to the Palace to destool him, and if he did not agree, he would kill him.

Nii said, since “once bitten twice shy” he did not sleep on the matter and reported it to the police right away upon which Adam Nana was arrested.

He said the two informants where also sent to the station and their statements taken and that the case was still under investigation.


According to him, on August 30, 2005, while in his Palace, a group of family members pounced on him and beat him up mercilessly and later took to their heels. This group, he claimed were instigated by Gyaasitse Adam Quartey.

He said five of them were arrested and sent to court, but the case was taken out of court and sent to the Ga Mantse Palace, where they were told to come to Nii’s Palace for amicable settlement, because they are same family members.

Nii maintained that ever since that time, Gyaasitse Adam Quartey had never been on good terms with him. And that it was he who sent Adam Nana to come and assassinate him, this time around.

He revealed that in 1973, his late father Kpakpa Badu, head of family then entrusted lands and property at Gbawe to the custody of Gyaasetse Adam Quartey.

And when Kpakpa Badu became weak, he enstooled him Nii Faamlitie chief in 1994. With his stool name as Nii Laryea Faamlitie II, he became the paramount chief of Gbawe.

He said he kept quiet as Gyaasetse Adam Quartey sold lands because the are the same people. However, at a time when he became fed up demanded accountability from the Gyaasetse, he flared up, maintaining that he would not account to him, except at his own time.

The Gyaasetse then quickly mobilized his own group with which he operated, and with his secretary Solomon Afutu, they have been selling all manner of land including water ways and water-logged ones and those meant for community development, Nii further stated.

According to him, because of this development, they have no education funds for the youth, many of who are now walking about aimlessly and getting involved in all manner of vices.

Nii and his group maintained that none of the indentures on sold lands bore the signatures of the principal elders, except that of Afutu and Gyaasetse Adam Quartey.

It was against this background that they were calling for government intervention.

Source: S.O Ankamah







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