Insiders at MASLOC defend Sedina Tamakloe Attionu

The controversial claim by Obatanpa Microfinance Company Limited, that it paid back a GhC500,000 (5billion old cedis) loan it had received from the Microfinance and Small Loans Center in cash to MASLOC’s former Chief Executive, has been pooh-poohed by a source at MASLOC.

According to the source, the claim is a laughable lie because there is no loan repayment mechanism at the Center that allows for cash to be hauled in sacks or bags to even MASLOC’s office. The payment mechanism, the sources confirmed, is always through the bank.

Again the claim that the money was paid to former MASLOC CEO, Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, by Obaatanpa’s Board Chairman at a rendezvous called Baatsona Total Filling station, has been considered by the sources as strange.

“So when you were coming for the loan, you came to the MASLOC office, and the money was paid to you through your bank account. But when it was time to pay back, you went to meet the CEO at a filling station in Baatsona to pay back? This clearly indicates criminal intent on the part of the Obaatanpa people, if you ask me,” the source said.

The unhappy source said it felt sad that good strides that MASLOC had made in the past are being politicized, “just so that the government can prosecute somebody.”

Former MASLOC CEO, Mrs. Sedina Tamakloe Attionu has been dragged before court together with former Operations Manager of the Centre, Daniel Axim, on 80 counts including alleged stealing and willfully causing financial loss to the state, in respect of a GhC500, 000 loan that MASLOC had advanced to Obaatanpa in June 2014.

The centre had advanced a Ghc150,000 loan to Obaatanpa and later added Ghc500,000. Apparently, the loan was still with Obaatanpa, which is based in Ejura in the Ashanti region, when the NDC was voted out of power in December 2016.

However, in 2017, the Economic and Organized Crimes Office came up with claims that it had investigated and found out that the Ghc500,000 that had been advanced to Obaatanpa, had been paid back to the former CEO who supposedly did not account for it.

According to EOCO, Obaatanpa is claiming that it decided to forfeit the loan when it later realized that the interest rate on it was 24%. It is not clear why the same Obaatanpa did not forfeit the earlier Ghc150,000 loan that it had received from MASLOC as well.

EOCO claims that Obaatanpa had initially returned the money to MASLOC in cheque form but the then CEO had asked that it rather pay the money back in cash form. The CEO had then proceeded to receive the money at the Baatsona Filling Station on the Spintex Road.

However, the former CEO supposedly did not pay the money back into MASLOC accounts after retrieving it from Obaatanpa, because when the NPP government wrote to Obaatanpa demanding repayment, Obaatanpa had written back claiming it had paid the money back to the ex CEO.

“At MASLOC here, loans are never repaid to the CEO direct, all loans and interest are paid back through the bank or our cashiers,” the anonymous source at MASLOC said.

The State is backing a resultant prosecution with a supposed letter signed by Mrs. Ationu acknowledging receipt of payment of the Ghc500,000 in cash. However, WhatsUp News has heard that that signature may have been forged.

Mrs. Ationu is on a Ghc5million bail, while Axim is on a Ghc1million bail.

Source: Whatsup News

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