Inter-Party Coalition sends Combat Note to President Akufo-Addo

The Inter-Party Coalition for National Sovereignty, a coalition of opposition parties in the country, has served notice that it will hit the streets next week to demonstrate its displeasure over the suspected state-sponsored violence that marred the Ayawaso West-Wuogon Parliamentary by-election on Wednesday.

At a press conference in Accra today, the coalition said the demonstration will come on, on Thursday the 7th of February.

“We shall issue a call to the masses of Ghanaians to join us in a protest march against the complicity of the state in violence at Ayawaso West Wuogon,” Coalition Convener, Bernard Mornah, told journalists in Accra today.

Participating parties that have already agreed to join in the protest include the NDC, PNC, CPP, GCPP, and APC. Details of the march have not yet been communicated.

The march would be in response to violence that was perpetrated by suspected goons of the ruling New Patriotic Party, who shot at unarmed civilians during a Parliamentary by-election at La Bawleshie in Accra on Wednesday.

At least six people were wounded, with one maimed. Bernard Mornah put the blame over the violence on President Akufo-Addo, saying the President and his party had sponsored the thugs and aided them in the violent attacks with Police and military accoutrements.

The PNC National Chairman also served notice that the Coalition of opposition parties will petition the United Nations, the African Union and Ghana’s international partners, including the USA over the issue.

According to him, the petition will be complete with video and pictorial evidence of the violent attacks on innocent civilians by the state-sponsored goons.

In a related development, the National Chairman of the opposition Peoples National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has warned President Akufo-Addo that his government has put the country on a war footing that the Ghanaian people will not be afraid to respond to if there is a spark.

Addressing the media at the Press conference, Mr. Mornah in a rather strong tone, said the President will get his Waterloo if he wants one.

“…Caution and restraint have their limits and Nana Akufo-Addo must be made aware that he is setting the nation on the warpath. We the opposition will not tolerate any repeat of the temper tantrums of a spoiled septuagenarian brat playing President. If it is knife fight that he wants, we shall oblige him to the hilt. He and his cabal of amateurs know this all too well and are right to be afraid. This is no threat – it is a promise.”

The PNC National Chairman also condemned the violence that was unleashed by suspected goons of the ruling party at La Bawaleshie to mar the by-election there as an act of terrorism perpetrated by cowards.

Mr. Bernard Moarnah promised victims of shootings, which had led to the wounding of six people and the maiming of at least one person, that they will get justice.

He called on the Ghana Police to as a matter of urgency investigate out the perpetrators and bring them to book. He also called on the media, civil society, the international community and moral society to rise up and resist the violence of the Akufo-Addo government.

The Inter-Party Coalition for National Sovereignty has said it will stage a demonstration soon.

Source: Whatsupnews Ghana

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