Stop the Hypocrisy and go into active Politics – Prophet to Christians

The Leader, Founder, and General Overseer of Elijah Miracle Worship Centre, with its headquarters at Juaboso in the Western North Region, Major Prophet Elijah Appiah Frimpong, has urged Christians to go into politics for the betterment of society.

He opined that if Christians with virtues enter into politics, society stands to gain more because the issues of bribery and corruption would be largely minimized, if not completely eliminated.

He pointed out that, though some Ghanaian Christians pretend they do not do politics, they do it underground.

“This is hypocrisy in the highest order, and must stop!” he charged.

Prophet Elijah Made this call in an interview with at Juaboso recently. He emphasized that it is high time Christians enter politics with their Christian virtues to rid the country of greed, bribery, and corruption that politicians continue to indulge in with glee.

He could not comprehend how some Ghanaian leaders, who are also Christians should find themselves neck-deep in politics, while the majority of Ghanaian Christians pretend they do not do politics.

“If you take part in the voting, referendums, and many others to express your view on national issues, is that not politics?” he asked rhetorically while urging Ghanaian Christians to shun politics.

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Christians must reflect soberly

He argued that instead of Christians, especially pastors reflecting soberly on these issues, they profess not to be into politics with some doing it seriously underground. Rather pastors have arrogated to themselves issues that are not in their domain. He pointed out that marriage that is the exclusive preserve for parents, has now been taken over by the church, with pastors forcing their laws down the throats of couples

“Sadly enough, most of these marriages hardly last,” he said passionately. “Also, Christians have imposed on themselves one man, one wife! However, most Christians, even pastors have several concubines besides their wives instead of coming together as one body in Christ.

He noted with sorrow how Christians have divided and subdivided themselves into uncountable denominations, thereby weakening their very front. He commended Muslims for their sense of unity and liberty.

“One muslin can marry genuinely four women as against the Christian hypocrisy of one man one wife, but many concubines. Christian are fighting amongst themselves thereby dividing the body of Christ which is the church” he stated.

Stop the Hypocrisy and go into active Politics - Prophet tells Christians
Stop the Hypocrisy and go into active Politics – Prophet tells Christians

COVID-19, Foreign Churches, Local Churches, and the Ghana Cedi

The major prophet bemoaned the state of local churches in Ghana, in the face of COVID-19. He was sad to point out that churches are given 100 worshipers per hour for worship in the COVID-19 pandemic era, amidst strict observance of protocols on the pandemic while other activities like social and political (marketing, political actives, Electoral commission activities) are left off the hook. He wondered what would happen if Ghana did not vote this year, in the face of COVID-19.

Prophet Elijah, while bemoaning the state of Ghanaian churches, maintained that fiscal collections made by these foreign churches are sent abroad, hence the instability of Cedis

American and Ghanaian lotteries

Touching further on the hypocrisy of the Ghanaian Christian, Prophet Elijah could not understand why the Ghanaian Christian should condemn lotteries in Ghana, but subscribe to the American lottery   “If we don’t take care hypocrisy will kill us! he charged.

Zongo Minister

Prophet Elijah could not understand why there should be a Minister for Zongo, while there should be none for Coco (Cocoa Ase) which has been the backbone of the country all these while.

He added that politics is about policies and that the time has come for politicians, chiefs, and others, who pretend they are not into politics, but practice it underground, to come out of their shells and do open politics, and stop the hypocrisy.

By S.O Ankamah, Sefwi Juaboso, WN/R

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