Is Akufo-Addo’s “Culture of Silence” Architecture on Rampage again?

Just when we thought the virulence of The Vindictive One (TVO), His Excellency President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo was waning considering the exigencies of our times (Covid-19), we are awoken to the reality that until the last paragraph of the “state-capture” agenda and associated “culture of silence” (i.e. state sponsored intimidation of political opponents and citizens) are fully extinguished, nothing will make meaning to Nana Addo’s kitchen cabinet of the Akyem Mafia (i.e. his Akyem Kyebi henchmen and clique).

History has it that the Akyem Mafia cabal was established by the late Okyenehene Nana Sir Ofori Atta 1 (patriarch of the dynasty) with headquarters at Akyem Kyebi and extended family members now have President Akufo-Addo as “Presidential family head” who shortly after assuming office as President of the Republic of Ghana embarked upon an unprecedented form of “nepotistic and crony” political appointments.

He did this by planting within the structural architecture of Government Agencies, Departments and Ministries a battalion of family members and relatives principally drawn from Akyem Kyebi, Akwapim Akropong and allied towns, and anywhere else that the tap roots of the family tree extends. All of them charged with the sole purpose, aim and responsibility of creating an “Akyem Political Monarchy” that will ensure that generations of the Akufo-Addo, Ofori-Atta and allied families shall continue to dominate politics and control the “economic heights” of Ghana.

The Akyem Kyebi cabal have now created within the 4 years Nana Addo presidency an NPP government tinderbox out of Ghana and a leaking basket used to haemorrhage state financial resources and prized state assets that is shared out purposively to NPP aficionados, principally members of the Akyem Kyebi clique. So that even when NPP is out of political power, the cabal would still be feeding fat from government largesse while pressing the necessary buttons to stimulate and agitate political waves to ensure that Ghana politics oscillates and moves in their desired direction.

The principal executioners behind the “culture of silence” grand agenda that feeds into the “STATE CAPTURE” agenda which also represents the “Axis of Evil” in Nana Akufo-Addo’s Akyem Kyebi “Kitchen Cabinet” are:

  1. Gabby Otchere Darko – NPP’s Propaganda Chief Extraordinaire of the Order of Gestapo Josef Goebbels. Gabby the Electoral Commission Adjunct State Government Statistician and Inquisitor for Ketu South Constituency over populous “Togolese” voter population.

-Gabby the Talensi by-election bullet proof marathon runner who on any day can outpace Kenya’s marathon runner Eliud Kipochoge. Gabby the misinformation director and owner of Statesman newspaper and yet to be out doored Asaase FM.

-Gabby the initiator and sole proprietor of the Danquah Institute that was established for the sole purpose of revising Ghana’s contemporary political history and to rehabilitate Dr J. B. Danquah by erasing and obliterating from the internet any archival records and traces that shed light on J. B. Danquah’s dark evil past; especially J. B, Danquah’s anti-Ghana insurrectionist past and his active collaboration with CIA to overthrow Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Also to erase from the internet the fact that he and his family received monthly stipends from the US Embassy in Ghana then under US Ambassador Mahoney. Gabby who is alleged to have a finger in almost every “state-capture” corruption deal under Nana Addo NPP from PDS, ECG etc.

-Gabby the Head Prefect and General Overseer of the NPP syndicate of allied Social Media Robots and Social Media Trolls many of whom are persons whose real names are listed in the over 1,000 Presidential Assistants operating from Jubilee House and Ghana Digital Centre. These people are paid by the Ghana tax payer and who are permanent fixtures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. spewing NPP propaganda and singing NPP praise songs.

  1. Ursula Owusu – Caretaker of Kelni GVG and former Consort of the “Owners of Ghana” and chief mourner at in-laws “Kyebi family funeral”, who in her capacity as Minister of Communications, and following MTN Telecoms public refusal to allow Kelni GVG to connect (plug) its eavesdropping node on to MTN network to allow the NPP Government officials and party operatives to have unfettered access to eavesdrop on political opponents and citizens, has now publicly announced Government’s intentions to use Government Policy and NCA regulatory measures to ostensibly “punish” MTN on the grounds of MTN’s alleged anti-competitive behaviour. This again is a classic example of the Akyem Mafia “Ye be kyere bi bi kakra” mantra of Nana Akufo-Addo.

  2. Joseph Anokye-Chief Executive of National Communications Authority (NCA) who formerly worked with NASA in the USA, and whose quest to fame in Ghana was the role he allegedly played supervised by Perter MacManu to successfully hack and shut-down the EC’s website during the 2016 elections during transmission and collation of final election results.

The trio of Gabby, Ursula and Anokye represent the “Evil Trinity” in the “Axis of Evil.”

The Daily Statesman newspaper on June 5, 2020 front page banner headline…”NDC flaunts its 70 Radio Stations nationwide; Julius Debrah leads diabolic media agenda”, is just but a revelation of what is upcoming from the “evil trinity” as time inches gradually towards election 2020. Once Gabby has set the agenda on the front page of their Daily Statesman, the NASA hacker extraordinaire is commissioned by the Land Lady, Madam Ursula, the Kelni GVG broker, to execute. So, in the coming days, we are likely to be awoken to the news that, NCA lists over 100 Radio and TV stations earmarked to be closed down due to one regulatory irregularity or another.

To get a space for President Akufo-Addo’s daughter’s Asaase Radio which is currently on a test-run radio transmission and waiting to be formally launched flamboyantly on 14th of June, 2020, the EIB Network among other media stations across the country are just some inches away from being purged by the “evil trio”. GHOne TV, Agoo TV, Starr FM, Class FM, Volta 1 TV are all targets for the “evil trio”. Of course, it seems eerie to the them when they ponder why the EIB network has gained ubiquitous influence and popularity in the media marketspace, with a wider platform, and growing popularity and veritable credibility.

I wasn’t surprised to have seen the name of my own Nkilgi FM in Bole appear on the list of targeted radio stations likely to be raided under the orchestrations and heavy hands of Gabby and the two other co-conspirators in the “evil trio.” Radio Tamale, Ahotor FM, Radio Waa in the Upper West Region, Pure FM in Navrongo and even Woezor TV on Facebook are all amongst the new list of 70 radio and TV stations, and targeted media stations earmarked to be shut down.

On that hot but revealing afternoon of 9th May 2019, when the NCA wrongly invaded the precincts of Radio Gold and Radio XYZ with heavily armed police men and “NPP invisible forces members” clothed in national security attire, many were those who looked on aghast. Little did we know that President Akufo-Addo wasn’t only angry that afternoon because the two radio stations were giving a live coverage of a press conference addressed by the NDC Council of Elders, but that was just the beginning and test-run for the grand agenda of the “evil trinity” to unleash the new “Culture of Silence” and state sponsored intimidation of political opponents and citizens who are critical of Nana Addo’s NPP government.

The uproar and condemnation from the likes of Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), did not get Joseph Anokye fazed to halt the execution of the order for closure of the radio stations by the Land Lady, Madam Kelni GVG broker. Subsequently, 34 other radio stations were quietly purged and shut down without the drama and visible show of force and power that heralded the shutdown and closure of Radio Gold and Radio XYZ. Not even the attempt by Radio XYZ to renew its license before its shutdown could yield any positive results to keep the station on the air and by implication to keep their workers employed.

At the heart of this narrative is the longstanding desire and dream nursed by the Akyem Kyebi clique to build crony capitalism in Ghana by ensuring that Ghana’s fallopian tube becomes a state looting congenital pipeline that is intrinsically connected and owned by NPP and their agents, like the multiple arms of an octopus to fleece and feed fat from Ghana’s public purse. What President Nana Addo and his Akyem Mafias need now is just a blank cheque for another presidential term of four more years to:

1) Erase and clear all traces of their fingerprints and footprints of their state looting machine.

2) Paralyze Ghana permanently and give Ghana’s umbilical cord back to the Queen of England as they originally sought to have done and negotiated under their plan for Ghana’s independence in the near future as opposed to Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s independence now.

3) Compromise NPP such that the “Yen Akanfuo” tag which somehow projects an Ashanti-Akyem duopoly at the helm of leadership control of NPP and make Ashanti’s permanently subservient to the Danquah faction of the Busia-Danquah-Dombo (BDD) political tradition so that the Danquah faction will have permanent and eternal succession and control over NPP. This agenda nonetheless flies in the face of NPP’s political success and future survival considering that John Agyekum Kufuor (an Ashanti) is said to be the best political leader to have ever emerged from the BDD and NPP camp.

4) Build a vertiginous pyramid on which apex the Akyem Mafia cabal will sit and control political power in Ghana.

The collapse of the banking sector was savagely undertaken to confer underserved competitive advantage to Ken Ofori-Atta’s Databank Financial Services. The attempt to use PDS to take absolute control of the retail distribution of electricity in Ghana (i.e. energy sector electricity distribution currently being undertaken by ECG), and the packing of the Superior Courts of Ghana with Judges perceived to be sympathetic to NPP is part of the “state-capture” agenda to impregnate and infiltrate the Judiciary with Justices likely to interpret the law and dispense justice in favour of NPP.

In my next epistle, I will be unveiling the “evil trinity” in the financial sector crisis. Before then, start engaging in wild guesses of names in the Bank of Ghana, the Security and Exchange Commission and the Ministry of Finance that are embedded in the triangular architecture.

Lest I forget, prediction in Ghana today is outlawed and declared a criminal offense by the government. Please contact Kofi Adomaa of Angel FM for more details of the said law.


By Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese
(Loud citizen from Laribanga)

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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