Is Ghana Beyond Aid a National Development Plan?

If not, why waste time and money for a whole year on a committee? Can that document be classified as an extension of the NPP manifesto? Do not forget that Aid is free humanitarian or development offer.

A National Development plan is a National document prepared by knowledgeable individuals mandated for the purpose and which ultimately becomes a guide towards nation building aspirations. Successive Political Parties are by law, guided by that document for the purposes of continuity towards National development.

Such development plans are either short term, medium term or long term. At the recent May Day celebration on May 25, 2019, President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo out-doored a Charter of strategy Document, for the Ghana Beyond Aid initiative. The million Dollar question I personally have, is whether the Ghana Beyond Aid charter we wasted money to prepare is going to be considered as a short-term national Development Plan?

In 2006, this writer wrote an article published on Ghanaweb titled BEYOND LOANS AND AID, WHAT ARE WE DOING OURSELVES? It outlined what we need to do as a Nation to wean ourselves from Loans and Aid. If after Twenty-three years, a sitting President now want to pursue a Ghana Beyond Aid agenda, which are humanitarian offers; come on, does he understand what he is doing? Aid may be development or Humanitarian, which is normally to help alleviate poverty or when certain situations demand emergency assistance.

Loan is a thing that is borrowed, especially, amount of Money which must be paid back with interest. Ghana has a whopping 70 Billion dollars outstanding international Loan which I thought President Akufo-Addo should be concerned about and should have charged his multi stakeholder committee to draw up a GHANA BEYOND LOANS AND AID as this writer demanded in his article in 2006.

Unfortunately, none of the National economic advisers and members on the Ghana Beyond Aid stakeholder committee, could reason beyond Ghana Beyond Aid and advice the President. What Ghana seriously needs is a short term NATIONAL DEVELOPMNT PLAN which will emphasize GHANA BEYOND LOANS, which will ULTIMATELY WEAN us from accepting AID.

It must be clear that in a natural disaster conditions like the recent flooding that destroyed lives and properties in most parts of Accra, organizations and benevolent countries go to the aid of the affected societies. It was read in the Business News media, that, the World Bank has approved a 200 million Dollar relieve fund to help solve the plight of residents around the Odaw River area and beyond.  This is Humanitarian AID and there is nothing wrong with that. It will be recalled that Ghana sent twice such Humanitarian AID during President JEA Mills administration to help Hurricane Katrina victims in the US. Poor as we think we are.

We must be capable of managing our country from our own resources. This will mean getting the fundamental economic indicators right. Ghana has all the economic potentials to develop a resilient economy that can be the envy of all, and that generations shall be proud to inherit. Let us prove we are capable.

By Samuel Ofori Ampofo

The writer is the President of the National Crusaders Alliance (NCA)/ and the Local President of the Ghana Leadership Union (GLU).)

He will soon launch an Independent Presidential document for change as a gift to the people of Ghana to decide.

Secretary Jeorge Wilson Kingson – Tel 0244822034




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