Is Lionel Messi overrated?

Messi is so overrated, I wonder how some people have the audacity to call him the GOAT!

I mean come on, what kind of player scores so many goals from outside the box? If you really want to score goals, score them from inside the box, this is how football is supposed to be played.

He is so selfish, do you know what kind of player gives away the chance of scoring a hat trick by giving a penalty to his teammates? Selfish one! I mean he just likes to be the bigger man, always thinks of his personal glory!

Also, he is so scared of scoring goals that instead of scoring by himself, he passes them to teammates. Can you believe it? No wonder he has 300+ assists, such a disgraceful player.

He scored 91 goals in a calendar year, I mean, who does that? He is such a show-off, instead of helping his teammates, he scored them all.

He nutmegs players, this is a pure sign of disrespect. He dribbles past 5–6 players and scores, such a show-off! This is not how football is played. Besides he never does step-overs, the way he dribbles past players does not look good, I mean you have to do like 10 step-overs before you beat a player.

He has 7 Balon D’ors, 6 European golden shoes. I mean, you are a playmaker, your job is to create chances for others, why on earth would you win the top scorer record 6 times? Disgusting.

He is the highest goal scorer in La Liga, Barcelona, Argentina, and even South America! He has no respect for legends like Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona! He could have scored some less to show respect to the actual legends.

He has just won an international trophy for Argentina, Argentina’s first trophy in almost 30 years. Why? He is so stupid, that he refused to play for Spain for this lackluster Argentina team. He lacks prudence. I mean who refuses to play for the team that was basically another version of his great club squad?

Edit 18 Dec 2022:

Messi has just won World Cup while being the best player of the tournament record two times. Argentina was on the brink of elimination from the group stage before he shamelessly scored a stunner against Mexico to turn the table. Who does that? He missed a penalty against Poland but still was the best player on the pitch and led his team to the knockout stage. I mean, if you miss a penalty, you should ghost and play horrible, this is how we know a good footballer should react. He is the first player to score in all the knock out matches, and eventually scored twice in the final.

He ended the GOAT debate by winning 3 International trophies that include a World Cup in the last 2 years. What are we going to talk about now? He deprived us of the opportunity to troll him, he shut our mouth, how are we going to talk now? He is so brutal, he used magic to make it difficult for the whole world to hate him. He made many atheists turn into theist. I just hate Messi, I just hate him!

I can go all day, in a nutshell, he is the most overrated player of all time.

Edit: It’s a shame that I had to explain sarcasm to many Messi fans.


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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