IT Expert vows to prevent Vote Rigging in Election 2020

A Colorado-based mining expert and member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Solomon Owusu, has warned his party that there will be no freebies in the 2020 presidential elections as he and some Ghanaian, Indian and American tech experts have planned to prevent any attempt to remotely manipulate the database of the Electoral Commission (EC).

“I have spoken to some Ghana, Indian and American IT experts and they say they can find a way out to counter Anokye [the Director of IT for the NPP’s 2016 presidential campaign] in 2020. We are developing software with a Lion’s logo. We shall interface this software with the EC’s system so that nobody can ambush election data,” Solomon Owusu stated.

Joe Anokye is currently the Director General of the National Communications Authority (NCA), he was noted as the counter-intelligence IT expert who helped the then opposition NPP to surmount the alleged murky data manipulation within the EC’s election control system.

It is unclear how the software will be integrated into the EC’s system or how legal such a move will be. However, Mr. Owusu appears to have a strong conviction of his plans with the IT experts.

Solomon Owusu has recently become a strong critic of the NPP, following what he described as criminals masquerading within the ranks of the ruling government. He cites privileged information of how some top members of the NPP administration are involved in the illegal mining business.

He has specifically fingered Professor Frimpong Boateng, the Minister of Science Technology and Innovation.

Source: Whatsupnews Ghana

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