It is never true that Ewe Women are doormat Pastor – tells Badu Kobi

Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller the founder and leader of Heaven Investment Chapel (HIC, The City Of God) located at Odumanse GP in Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana has rebuked Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi for the tribalistic comment he made about Ewe, Asante, and Fante women in Ghana.

According to Snr Servant Joemens in an interview with, it is never true that Ewes are doormat as Badu Kobi seek to teach his congregation.

As an Ewe man, Snr Servant Joemens wants Badu Kobi to understand that Ewe women are simply loyal to their men it is born from their good home training. But sadly some people who do not understand the Ewe way of life misinterpret their humility for stupidity but it is never so.

Snr Servant Joemens believe “such teachings in a place of worship does not augur well for the Kingdom of God since it is a direct opposite of the love and peace our Lord Jesus Christ taught his disciples to teach the world”.

“Ewe ladies are not dormant….. Their loyalty is misinterpreted. They see their husbands as their masters. As Sarah is to Abraham so they are to their husbands. Kobi’s statement about Ewe ladies are unfortunate!”, Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller told
Touching on Badu Kobi’s description of Asante women as greedy, ungrateful and untrustworthy, as well as describing Fante women as foolish, the popular man of God stated that it is soo unfortunate such words will come out of such a respected man of God.

Snr Servant Joamens explained that years of his ministry has granted him the opportunity to meet and associate with every tribe member in this country and they are great people.
He advised Badu Kobi not judge an entire Tribe just because of one or two bad experiences with individuals. He also called on Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi to show humility and apologized for his unfortunate comments about Ghanaian women.


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